55-day Long Shiv Mahapuran: Divine Shiv Linga Installed with 100 Million Sacred Mantras

55-day Long Shiv Mahapuran: Divine Shiv Linga Installed with 100 Million Sacred Mantras

Coronation amid divine mantras begins, to continue for 55 days

New Delhi, India: In the divine presence of the revered Guru, the spiritual saint of Shri Krishnagiri Parsva Padmavathi Shaktipeethadhipati, Param Pujya Guru Dev Shri Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj Sahab, a grand inauguration took place amidst the beating of drums and trumpets for the auspicious event of Shiv Mahapuran, Yagna, uninterrupted Rudrabhishek (ritual bathing of Lord Shiva's idol) and the installation of one crore eleven lakh earthly Shiv Lingas, which will continue from August 11th to October 5th, 2023, spanning 55 days. The grand Puja Mahotsav 2023 commenced with the ceremonial establishment of the kalash (sacred pot) by Sant Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj Sahab with divine mantras.

In the grand festival organized at Chhatarpur Markandeya Hall, the auspicious Yagna and Puja started at 7 o'clock, followed by the initiation of the installation ceremony of Parthiv Shiv Lingas. Devotees from various regions of Delhi participated in significant numbers at the Shiv Darbar, who crafted the Parthiv Shiv Lingas to enrich their lives.

Subsequently, pandits performed worship and rituals, leading to the immersion of the Shiv Lingas at 2 PM. In the Shiv Darbar today, the installation of an extraordinarily divine Shiv Linga, empowered by 100 million sacred mantras, took place. The coronation commenced with the recitation of special mantras. This coronation will continue unabated for 55 days.

It's worth mentioning the glory of this Shiv Linga, which is associated with a Siddha Yogi saint who lived for 40 years practicing nirahar (living without food) and sustaining solely on milk. This saint accomplished the coronation of this Shiv Linga through the chanting of 100 million mantras. Devotees of Lord Shiva were conveyed through a divine dream by Lord Shiva Himself that this Shiv Linga should be delivered to Sant Param Pujya Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj Sahab, the revered Guru and the National Saint of Shri Krishnagiri Parshwa Padmavathi Padmavathi Shaktipeeth. The followers of the saint brought the divine Shiv Linga to Krishnagiri and presented it to Sant Vasanta Vijay Ji Maharaj Sahab. For the residents of Delhi and its vicinity, this is a unique opportunity to witness the consecration and divine Shiv Darbar by visiting this Shiv Linga.

In the realm of the Shiv Darbar, resonating with their nectarous words, Sant Shri Vasanta Vijay Maharaj Sahab immersed devotees in devotion. He stated that the month of Sawan (July-August) is a month of elation, and during this time, engaging in devotion bears immensely fruitful results. Today, as devotees converged at the Shiv Darbar to witness the installation of Parthiv Shiv Lingas and to listen to the discourse of Guru Dev, their hearts were filled with profound emotions.

From Fatehpur in Delhi, Ashok, who came to listen to Guru Dev's discourse, mentioned that he had experienced such a divine narrative for the first time in his life. The voice of Guru Dev instills so much enthusiasm and zeal into life that it feels as if one is sitting right in front of him, eager to listen to his words. Nishika and Riya, who came from Bihar, expressed their delight in hearing Guru Dev's discourse. Nishika shared that she had come to Delhi for her grandfather's treatment. When she heard about Guru Dev's Shiv Mahapuran discourse, she couldn't restrain herself and promptly made her way to the Shiv Darbar.

In the presence of Sant Shri Vasanta Vijay Maharaj Sahab, the ongoing 55-day long festival is commencing with a unique blend of Yagna and Puja involving highly special herbal concoctions. Guru Dev will engage in a magnificent discourse for these 55 days, elucidating how the Puranas and Vedic scriptures can inspire and guide us in our contemporary lives. This discourse promises to bring a new light into your life.

Seize the abundant benefits of this golden opportunity, which has the potential to transform the course and circumstances of your life.