5 ways to decorate your bedroom for a cosy winter snooze

5 ways to decorate your bedroom for a cosy winter snooze
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Mumbai, India: Winters are here, and so is the time to revamp our bedrooms to make them warmer and cozier against the biting cold, while keeping it festive for the Holiday season. From decor to furniture to lighting, a bedroom renovation can prove to be quite a daunting task for many.

Fret not! Here we are with 5 easy-peasy ideas for you to make your bedroom winter-ready, where you can doze off on the brink of comfort.

1. The more layers the better

Layers keep your bedding warm and soft as the freeze endures. So layer up your bedding with textured sheets, throws, and thick blankets to prep your sleep station for the dipping temperatures.

2. Warm the floors with rugs

Woolen or faux hide rugs on the floor would feel like hugs to your feet as you walk over them, providing excellent insulation on each step you take.

3. Thicken everything up

Right from the slipcovers on your sofa to your curtains, get new decor that is thicker in texture and warmer in the finish, like Wool or Velvet.

4. Get a new fragrance

A bowl of fresh Potpourri or candles with warm wintry scents like spiced cinnamon would notch up the comfy feel of your hibernating haven.

5. Switch up the lighting

During the day, let sunlight in for as long as possible for natural brightness and heat into the room. At night, switch the usual white fluorescent lights with warm-colored bedside lamps. The amber glow from lamps makes the room feel much more intimate and relaxing than before.