TNT series 'Snowpiercer' to end with season 4

TNT series 'Snowpiercer' to end with season 4
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Washington, US: The TNT series 'Snowpiercer', which premiered in May 2020 as a follow-up to the 2013 'Bong Joon-ho' film of the same name, will end after the fourth season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series is currently in production starring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs in the show.

"We can confirm that Snowpiercer will end after a successful, multi-season run on TNT," a spokesperson said in a statement. "Its talented writers, actors and crew took an extraordinary premise and brought it to life in thrilling ways. It was critically acclaimed, had a significant impact on the post-apocalyptic genre, and now remains in the hearts and minds of fans forever."

The train-themed series, which centres on a globe-spanning journey filled with suspense, has had a rough ride. The project was overseen by four different showrunners, the most recent of whom was Paul Zbyszewski. It also had two pilot directors, James Hawes and Scott Derrickson, and had moved from TBS to TNT prior to the premiere.

The film, directed by Bong Joon-ho and starring Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, and Octavia Spencer, is based on Jacques Lob's 1982 graphic novel Le Transperceneige.

Following the company's April merger, the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned networks TNT, TBS, and TruTV were dubbed the "T-nets" and have come under scrutiny, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

TBS announced this week that the dating show 'The Big D' had been cancelled weeks before its scheduled premiere date, following HBO's decision to pass on J.J. Abrams' series Demimonde due to budget concerns.