Schwalb Builders Pens Notable Article About the Upcoming Full-Home Remodeling Trends in 2022

Schwalb Builders Pens Notable Article About the Upcoming Full-Home Remodeling Trends in 2022
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DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES: In advance of the upcoming remodeling season, Schwalb Builders has released its most recent article about the top, exciting full-home remodeling trends of 2022.

Schwalb Builders is a full-home renovation company located in Denver, Colorado. Since inception 15 years ago, the company has worked on countless renovation projects, including full house remodeling, full-service remodeling, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and more. Schwalb Builder’s fully equipped and experienced team consistently delivers high-quality workmanship that excels in care and precision.

At its core, Schwalb Builders’ passion is to support homeowners in creating the most comfortable and stylish space for its clients. As such, Schwalb Builders continuously provides valuable information about the latest home remodeling trends, tips, and tricks on its popular website.

One such article recently released by the company, for example, discusses the upcoming full-home remodel trends of 2022. In the article, Schwalb Builders highlights data produced by The National Association of Homebuilders that predicts significant home remodeling trends in the future, based on projected population growth and increased household income.

“According to their estimates, 49% of new homes in 2022 will be rented, while only 51% will be owned,” states Sean Schwalb, founder of the company. “While this means more investment will be put into affordable rentals, it also means an increased need for remodels down the road. Therefore, to assist property owners in making the most sensical remodeling choices, we’ve put together all of the pertinent information they need to be aware of.”

Based on their expert industry experience, Schwalb Builders predicts these remodeling trends will take precedence in 2022:

• Lighter tones, colors, and materials
• Enhanced interior space design, such as wood ceilings
• New flooring options, such as ceramic tiles, cork, and bamboo
• Eco-design
• Vertical indoor gardens
• Under-mount sinks and built-in tubs
• Upper design elements
• And more!