Maanvi Gagroo enjoys working in 'Half Love Half Arranged'

Maanvi Gagroo enjoys working in 'Half Love Half Arranged'
Image Source: Instagram

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Actor Maanvi Gagroo, who essays the role of a gynaecologist in the romedy series 'Half Love Half Arranged' candidly spoke about her co-stars and the series.

Talking about her co-actors, Maanvi appreciated their work and said, "I think all of the cast members are incredibly talented and well-fit for their roles. They not only perform the already well-written lines with such ease but also bring in their own individual flavours. They brought the characters to life on screen, and I enjoyed being part of the team."

The series showcases the life of a gynaecologist Riya Tanwar (Maanvi Gagroo). Her long-term boyfriend proposes to her but situations take turns, and so do her relationships and life. With a loving but oddball family on her side, Riya finds herself in the thick of absurd arranged marriage matches and hilarious dates. As Riya deals with the strange inquiries and funny encounters, a prince charming appears and sweeps her off her feet, making her doubt whether or not she wants to follow her straightforward road map.

While talking about the series, Maanvi said earlier, "I think the concept of Half Love Half Arranged, is ideal right? You love someone and your families are on board! Just like many women, in Riya's life too, everyone, her family, relatives, astrologers, and neighbours are trying to get her to 'settle down'.

"The story revolves around bizarre and quirky scenarios, meet-ups with prospective groom, crazy questions, expectations from their families and the saga of finding the right match. Viewers will get a dose of romance, getting a glimpse of Riya's love life, filled with sweet, heart-warming moments," she shared.

'Half Love Half Arranged' streams on Amazon miniTV.