Kickstarter Campaign Launched for All-Weather Waterproof Backpack

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for All-Weather Waterproof Backpack
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PROVIDENCE, R.I., UNITED STATES: Rhode Island-based Breakwater Supply, which is dedicated to bringing high-quality outdoor products to life, has launched a limited-time Kickstarter campaign for a versatile, all-weather waterproof backpack.

Taking on the model name of “Explorer,” the backpack was made to solve a common problem: making sure items inside your bag remain completely dry, regardless of water exposure. The Explorer Backpack features welded seams and airtight zippers to keep interior contents completely dry in extreme conditions. The backpack is able to withstand full underwater submersion.

“As we created prototypes, we had three people in mind: the outdoor adventurer, the weekend warrior and the all-weather commuter. Many people carry high-value electronics both day-to-day and in their travels, and it’s important to be prepared for any situation,” said a spokesperson for Breakwater Supply.

The backpack is designed for durability, using high-quality airtight zippers and lightweight TPU-coated waterproof textile. Organizational features include an internal smartphone pocket, a padded 14-inch laptop sleeve, an interior zipper pocket, and an exterior waterproof pocket.

High importance was placed on the ergonomic design, which features a memory foam back panel, removable chest strap, S-curve shoulder straps, and multiple exterior handles. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy how comfortable it is to wear as well as how it can be tossed in a kayak, boat, or on the ground without worrying that it will get wet.

All of Breakwater Supply’s products are designed and field-tested in the northeastern United States and are made with eco-friendly materials.

The Kickstarter campaign runs for a limited time and backers are rewarded with a special limited-edition version of the Explorer backpack.