Healthy, Low-Glycemic Ayurvedic Protein Bars for People Watching their Blood Sugar Level Coming Soon

Healthy, Low-Glycemic Ayurvedic Protein Bars for People Watching their Blood Sugar Level Coming Soon

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES: There is a diabetes epidemic in America. 34  million Americans are diabetic while another 88 million adults are prediabetic.

Americans, whether they know it or not, need to watch their blood sugar levels at all times. 

Btein Bars is a new protein bar on the market that is made with low Glycemic Index coconut sugars that will not spike the blood sugar levels as normal sugars do. These nourishing protein bars made with natural coconut sugars will keep a person satiated too.

“Our Btein Chocolate Almond and Almond Coconut bars will not significantly raise your blood sugar levels,” said Hema Saran, founder of Atmabala, based in North Carolina, which makes Btein Bars. “They are high in protein and healthy for people.”

Although Type 2 diabetes is dangerous to your health, it doesn’t get the press that heart diseases and cancer receive.

“People don’t realize that out-of-control blood sugar levels affect almost all the organs in your body,” Saran said. “If you are diabetic, you have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney failure, blindness, foot or leg amputation, and even Alzheimer’s disease.”

Btein Bars have a low Glycemic Index, which is a rating system for foods containing carbohydrates. Foods that have a low Glycemic Index help keep blood sugar levels from rising dramatically.

“We developed Btein Bars with a low Glycemic Index,” Saran said. “Btein Bars provide you with healthy protein without raising your blood sugar level.”

When developing Btein Bars, Atmabala also combined western nutritional science with eastern Ayurveda philosophy by infusing it with Ashwagandha, an ancient healing root that helps relieve stress, increase energy levels, improve cell-mediated immunity and has excellent antioxidant properties.  

Atmabala’s representatives recently introduced Btein Bars, which will soon be available online, to buyers from major retailers in the U.S. 

“Buyers from retailers that carry health and wellness products understand the benefits of our Btein Bars,” Saran said, adding that they know millions of Americans need products that have a low Glycemic Index like the Btein Bars.”