Earth Hour 2022 theme ‘Shape Our Future’ signals an important year for people and the planet

Earth Hour 2022 theme ‘Shape Our Future’ signals an important year for people and the planet
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Hyderabad: Powered by people, Earth Hour is one of the largest environmental movements in the world. This year as we continue adapting our lives to the impacts of COVID-19 and the catastrophic events of the past two years, Earth Hour 2022 aims to signal to Shape Our Future. It will herald a new era that puts people and the planet first.

As India marks its 75 years of Independence, it is important to recognise the efforts and actions made by people in the past and appeal to every citizen to be a conservation hero for the future. Joining the movement, our Harmony and Hope Ambassador, Shantanu Moitra and leading Bollywood playback singer Mohit Chauhan have created the Earth Hour India anthem highlighting that now is our biggest chance to act towards a safer and better future for all. 

The Earth Hour is supported by Heartfulness Institute, United Federation of RWAS (UFERWAS) & National Confederation of Residents Welfare Associations (CORWA).

Shantanu Moitra shares his experience working on the anthem, “The Earth Hour anthem is the binding force for everyone to be part of this global movement. I want to thank Mohit Chauhan who has lent his voice to this noble cause. Lyrics written by Tanveer Ghazi share the sentiments of people to protect nature before it is too late.”

He further adds, “As the Harmony and Hope Ambassador for WWF India, I request everyone to participate, no matter where you are and make Earth Hour 2022 incredibly successful! We as individuals have the power to #ShapeOurFuture by bringing attention to the grave issues our planet is currently facing.”

Mohit Chauhan shares his excitement, “I’m very glad to be part of Earth Hour through the Earth Hour anthem. I look forward to millions getting together this Earth Hour, to support and act for our mother nature.”

Earth Hour, has transformed over the years and has taken the messaging to protect and conserve our planet beyond the hour. It is the only movement in the world that connects people worldwide with a common cause and mission.  

Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary-General and CEO, WWF India, said, “Earth Hour is an important step forward in our lives every year. Spend this hour to meditate and think on positive actions that we can take, individually and collectively, to better the environment.”