Delilah Pierce Collection Joins DelArt’s Percy Ricks Exhibition To Increase Awareness Of Black Art

Delilah Pierce Collection Joins DelArt’s Percy Ricks Exhibition To Increase Awareness Of Black Art
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MONROVIA, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES: Delaware Art Museum (DelArt) includes two Delilah W. Pierce Collection pieces in Afro-American Images 1971: The Vision of Percy Ricks. The historic exhibit will run in Wilmington from October 23, 2021 to January 23, 2022. Ms. Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art at DelArt collaborated with Great Niece Wanda L. Spence to ensure Ms. Pierces inclusion.

The two Pierce collection pieces joining the exhibition are Delilah Pierce’s Tradesman - Africa and a sculpture from William Taylor entitled, “Torso”, 1960 Wood and Stone.

Mediel W. Spence (Niece):

“I am so thankful to Ms. Winslow and her team for working with Wanda and my family to include our dear aunt in their exhibition. Our family and the DelArt family share the same goal of elevating and promoting historic Black art figures. It so happens that one of those figures is a family member. As with many art legacy families around the country, we couldn’t do it without partners like DelArt and Ms. Winslow.”

The Delilah W. Pierce Collection would like to invite all friends in the Mid-Atlantic region including those from the University of Pennsylvania. Both Ms. Pierce and her husband Joseph are graduates of the Ivy League institution.

Stephen R. McDow II (Great Nephew):

“We are very proud of our connection to PENN as a family. The next generation of our family is either at PENN or gearing up to apply to PENN. We hope we are making Aunt Delilah and Uncle Joe proud. I guess we are building a legacy at our nation’s first university. Please Harvard don’t get me for that!”

Delilah's family firmly believes in education and is reminded of its importance in Ms. Pierce's 1952 written composition: The Significance Of Art Experiences In The Education of The Negro.

"Her words apply to African Americans, Whites, Hispanics, Indians - ALL PEOPLE! Her words are also perfect as we educate the world about black art with our partners at DelArt," says Wanda L. Spence (Great Nice).

Delilah Pierce (1952):

"Education for “Our way of life” in “our times”; education for “all the people” that our way of life might be maintained; this we hear and say ever so often and, as Americans, firmly believe. We believe that our security, progress and happiness as a democratic society rests on happy, balanced individuals who are self-supporting and enlightened…"