BPNFT Readies Largest Art Exhibition in History for Super Bowl

BPNFT Readies Largest Art Exhibition in History for Super Bowl
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA: Startup BPNFT is creating the largest exhibition of NFT (non-fungible token) art in history, and in a one-of-a-kind historic moment, plans to unveil it before tens of millions of Super Bowl LVI viewers on February 13 during a commercial break. This 30-second spot is not intended to sell anything to anyone, in fact all NFTs will have been distributed by game day. Instead, the spot is meant to demonstrate the power of people coming together to achieve something big.

Before today only the extremely wealthy or huge corporations could consider purchasing air-time during the Super Bowl. Now, as collaborative efforts seem to achieve surprising accomplishments on a daily basis, things may be different. For BPNFT, the power of collaboration can level playing fields, elevate under-appreciated contributions to society, and inspire the world. This 30-second spot will be the result of a collaboration among more than 100 artists from many backgrounds, including well-established artists in the space, as well as many who are relatively unknown. The project will debut live in front of tens of millions of viewers around the world.

Over the coming weeks collectors will have the opportunity to support this historic project through the purchase of NFTs that comprise the 1,800 frames of the 30-second spot. NFTs will be available via the company’s website at BPNFT.co/nfts.

“BPNFT was created to accomplish two things” said Steven Echtman, founder of BPNFT. “One, to demonstrate the power and possibility of people coming together to accomplish a big audacious goal. The other is to empower artists by helping them benefit from the 'Creator Economy' so many of us have been hearing and talking about.”

“My intention is for this entire journey and process to be a work of art. The creation of art that supports the creation of art. The successful artists I know in the NFT world want to give back and support their brothers and sisters. In the Web3 world, it no longer feels like a zero-sum game, and artists from across the entire spectrum of backgrounds, disciplines, and levels of success want to support and be part of this project.”

BPNFT has set aside a limited number of NFTs from the project to offer to its whitelist members at special pricing once sales go live. Subsequent batches of NFTs will be priced based on demand.

BPNFT hopes this project helps demystify the world of digital art and ownership through the technology of NFTs for mainstream consumers. While the stated goal of BPNFT is to fund and air a Super Bowl ad, they say their greater objective is to build support for artists and increase the universe of people participating in the collection of NFTs that help support the artists they appreciate.

To support the artist community and help source works for the project, BPNFT has helped launch the BPNFT DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization intended to be an independent and collaborative community of artists, collectors, and supporters.

“Art can be transformational for the viewer and the artist alike,” said Sybil Archibald, a multidisciplinary artist (and Echtman's sister-in-law) whose personal healing journey helps inspire other artists and was the source of inspiration for this project. “It’s important for artists to support each other and I’m excited to be part of this project which provides artists with more opportunities to thrive.”

Ten percent of net proceeds will be shared with beneficiary organizations that embody the spirit of the project. More about these groups, including organizations working at the nexus of art, human rights, sustainability, and technology, can be found on BPNFT’s website.

BPNFT plans to reduce the environmental impact of this project by purchasing carbon credits equalling 200% of the emissions estimated from its activities using the Ethereum blockchain.