Big Al 360 IS Pennsylvania’s Hidden Music Industry Plug

Big Al 360 IS Pennsylvania’s Hidden Music Industry Plug
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LANCASTER, PA, UNITED STATES: Some DJs spin in clubs every weekend, or make mixtapes that capture the street’s attention, but only a select few are talented enough to make music that achieves Billboard Top 40 Status. Big Al 360 is one of those DJs.

Big Al 360 began his career interning with Ruff House Records. After releasing a number of independent projects, Big Al 360 got his first break selling beats to Will Smith.

In 2008, Big Al 360 produced and wrote the Billboard Top 40 Hit Single, “Good Day” for the Nappy Roots. The song continues to appear in numerous TV and Radio commercials, including NBC, CBS, The CW, and ABC networks, as well as the title track for the 2014 major motion picture, “Neighbors”, and the 2016 major motion picture films “The Secret Life of Pets” and “Bad Moms”. “Good Day” has even featured as a White House favorite in the former, President Barack Obama’s handpicked summer playlist.

Since then, Big Al 360 has blazed his way around the world sharing the stage and collaborating with the likes of Akon, B.o.B, Big Krit, Outkast, Jay--Z, The Wu-Tang Clan, and many many others.

Big Al 360 currently produces for the top artists in the industry. Embarking in business ventures with Ms. Deb Antney, and as a member of the CORE DJs, with the legendary Tony Neal, Big Al 360 keeps heads nodding as he paves the way with his “Nothin’ But the Hotness Video Mix Tape Series”. Making Big Al 360 a pioneer in the video DJ game.

Big Al 360 has definitely proven that he is Pennsylvania’s hidden music industry plug. Still working to produce with celebrities and industry icons for more than a decade, Big Al 360 is showing no signs of letting up.