Shelar files nomination, says will win BFI elections with 70 per cent votes

Shelar files nomination, says will win BFI elections with 70 per cent votes
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New Delhi: Former Maharashtra sports minister Ashish Shelar on Thursday filed his nomination for the Boxing Federation of India president's post and expressed confidence about sweeping the BFI elections on February 3.

During a media interaction here, Shelar said that he and his team had met virtually every state unit in the run-up to the much-delayed elections and have noted their dissatisfaction with the current dispensation headed by Ajay Singh.

"We are going to win the BFI elections by garnering over 70 per cent of the votes," Shelar said in response to a query.

"I have personally interacted with almost every state unit and have learnt that the current dispensation in BFI under Mr Ajay Singh had made many promises before coming to power but has delivered very little," he added.

Shelar said he would usher in a new dawn in Indian boxing.

"The federation itself has been run in an autocratic manner, with the state units being completely ignored, which has been a huge setback for Indian boxing at the grassroots level.

"The financial situation of the BFI is also very delicate due to gross mismanagement and lack of vision which requires urgent attention," he said.

Shelar, who has held many top positions in sport, including as president of Maharashtra Cricket Association and Mumbai District Football Association, said that Singh and his team were desperately trying to cling on to power.

Secretary-general of BFI Jay Kowli said that he was unhappy with the way the federation had been functioning.