Ivee launches 'Rides of the Future' Vehicle Innovation Program in Miami

Ivee launches 'Rides of the Future' Vehicle Innovation Program in Miami
Image source: Google

CHICAGO: Ivee, the technology startup that creates personalized passenger experiences starting in ride-hailing vehicles, has released a vehicle innovation program reimagining and improving the passenger experience. With its automotive supply partners such as Brose, manufacturers, and ride-hail partners such as Lyft and Uber, Ivee will be releasing a series of pilot programs this year called Ivee’s “Rides of the Future.”

“With our automotive partner Brose, Ivee’s 'Rides of the Future' will demonstrate new passenger-centric technology that will be available when self-driving cars arrive,” said Alex Giannikoulis, CEO of Ivee ® “We want passengers to get a glimpse of what they can expect in self-driving vehicles. We believe passengers will reconsider the vehicles they choose and how they’ll use their time on the go. This month, we are excited to start with our Responsive Seating pilot that gives passengers massage and immersive entertainment options.”

Right now, Ivee ® is piloting this responsive seating technology in Miami, with a fleet of Ubers and Lyfts reaching 25,000 passengers.

The Responsive Seating technology features vibrating elements that deliver a relaxing massage or immersive entertainment ride experience. The massage functionality allows rideshare passengers to experience different intensity levels and massage types by speaking to or tapping on Ivee’s HD passenger display.

This is the first time in the U.S. that passengers at this scale will be able to experience a seat with haptic and massage capabilities. Plus, with Ivee’s passenger centric infotainment, Ivee converts a regular vehicle into a dynamic environment. In the same trip, the vehicle can be as relaxing as a spa or as entertaining as an IMAX movie theater.

Over the course of this year, Ivee ® will release additional pilots programs showcasing Ivee’s passenger-centric infotainment and vehicle hardware from Ivee’s partners.