5 multiplayer virtual game titles to enjoy with friends

5 multiplayer virtual game titles to enjoy with friends
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New Delhi, India: The popularity of multiplayer games has increased over the years as most online games are built for competition and collaboration.

An excellent multiplayer mode makes a video game endlessly replayable and enables good times with local friends or strangers across the country--as long as the servers stay up.

So, check out these 5 multiplayer games you can enjoy with your friends in 2022.


Riot Games has applied its vibrant and exciting character design ethos to this first-person shooter. The result is a tightly tactical team-based game with a miniscule time to kill, a defined art style, and heroes with a whole lot of character.


Fortnite is among the most popular games of the last decade and continues to be so. Its most significant selling point is its 100-player battle royale, where players fight against each other across a massive map with many different locations, requiring different skills to navigate and succeed.

Apex Legends

From the ashes of Titanfall rose the best battle royale game. Respawn's Apex Legends combines unbelievably fluid movement with impeccable gunplay and innovative team communication features.

GTA Online

Even in 2022, let's not forget this game launched on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC back in 2013. Almost a decade later, and the world of San Andreas, along with the possibilities for stories to be told in its streets, are all still astonishing.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is among the founding fathers of multiplayer online shooters, and Global Offensive continues this legacy. Though it's a bit dated now, players can still find a massive community that is always ready to play.