Women must empower each other and take a stand to live the life of their dreams: Rupali Sharma

Women must empower each other and take a stand to live the life of their dreams: Rupali Sharma

Rupali Sharma, Founder and CEO at Aegte Lifescience started her career in HR after completing her master’s and graduating from Delhi University. Being an ardent nature lover, Rupali was always surrounded by nature and herbal alternatives since childhood. Her Grandmother used to ground and crush natural alternatives for acne treatment, skin tan, hair fall, rough hair, which made Rupali believe and trust nature more than readymade market products and gradually a thought in her mind to shape natural and herbal ingredients into skin and hair care brand, led her to lay the foundation of Aegte Lifescience.

‘Aegte’ is a Danish word that means ‘authentic’. Staying true to its roots and foundation, the brand aims to offer genuine and result-oriented products with its myriad range. Started with a single product, Premium Onion Oil in 2018 on Amazon, the company has added more than 30 products in their portfolio including products for skin, hair, and body. The company's key focus is on the ingredient and formulation of the product. Premium Onion Oil, Anti-Acne Treatment Gel, Keralution Shampoo, 24K Gold Vitamin C Serum, Healthy Roots Hair Mask, Complete Hair Defense Shampoo, Slimming Oil are some of the top-selling products.

The company has accumulated a total of 15 Crore Turnover and is eyeing to target 50 Crore in the upcoming fiscal year. Recently, the company entered the make-up and health care category with the launch of Skin Corrector DD Cream and Beetroot Lip and Cheek Tint and has collaborated with some of the leading manufacturers to meet the quality of the products.

In an exclusive conversation with Apeksha Sandesh, Rupali Sharma shares her success story and even some haircare and skincare tips for our readers. Read on!

Tell us something about your life before Aegte Lifescience and how did you lay its foundation?

I have been a nature lover since childhood. I always look at life from a different perspective and believe in doing what others aren’t doing. I was working as full-time HR personnel before I got married. However, post my marriage, I whole-heartedly took care of my family as I am a mother of two. But, fashion, luxury, skincare, and my inevitable love for nature always intrigued me to do something big and impactful. And that is how my third baby, Aegte was born.

We started with a single product, Premium Onion Oil in 2018, and it is one of the hot-selling products to date. It wasn’t this common when we launched it in 2018. We had never imagined that one day, onion oil would be a trend that is selling like hotcakes. Onion is one of my recommendations because I always strongly trust and believe in the power and effectiveness of kitchen-based ingredients when it comes to skin, hair, and body.

There are innumerable organic skin and hair care brands available in the market. What do you think Aegte Lifescience has that stands it apart from the rest?

Yes, there are innumerable brands that are offering chemical-free and organic products but what makes us unique and stand out is the choice of ingredients. Our ingredients are naturally extracted from the lap of mother nature. These are carefully drawn and processed to ensure that their natural efficacy is preserved. Along with my husband, Dhiren Sharma, I am personally involved in the R&D process while guaranteeing the best offerings to our customers.

With Aegte, our goal is to offer superior quality and result-oriented products to help treat every skin and hair.

How has been your journey so far as an entrepreneur?

As an innovator and being new to this game, I have been 100% self-taught with my experiential learning. I take each day as it comes to me and no failure or hurdle can deter me from achieving my dreams.

However, like any other entrepreneurial journey, there were highs and lows in mine too. People did not take me seriously initially which maybe because I would always carry my 2-year-old son along with me since I was not comfortable leaving him behind with a caretaker. For me, it was equally important to be an entrepreneur and a good mother. However, things always change with time, and with the relentless support of my husband, we have built this brand to the position where it is today.

Which is that one skill that is important for the success of any woman, from any field?

Firstly, confidence and belief in yourself are extremely imperative. While walking up the ladder there are millions who you will encounter with and they will doubt your capabilities, discriminate against your decisions, make you feel weaker, and throw unsolicited judgments at you. But trust me, just move on and prove your worth because actions always speak louder than words.

Second, a strategic vision, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving approach, and emotional intelligence will undoubtedly take you places.

 In your opinion, how can we best attain a more accepting gender-neutral society?

I believe, as a woman, we need to accept and unconditionally love ourselves. We need to believe and trust our power and energies that will help in outperforming others. Women must empower each other and take a stand to live the life of their dreams.

Rooting down to other initiatives is encouraging and breaking the stereotypical approach of our society and providing the girl children with proper education is an effective way.

What do you believe will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you?

We all have been brought up in a patriarchal culture and women were underappreciated no matter what role they play, be it homemaker, entrepreneur, or any other. The biggest challenge for the generation of women before me was that they were not equally acknowledged in a room full of men. Women have always been seen down upon. They were always confined to their household chores. However, with changing times, the scenario is also changing, and women are taking major roles in business chores. I believe it is time for the girls to rule the world!

Can you share some hair care tips for our readers?

One favour that you must do for your hair, is to switch to organic. The chemical and sulfate-based hair care products effectively ruin and damage the quality of the hair while making them look rough, dull, and brittle.

Also, religiously, oil your hair twice every week as it is therapeutic for your scalp. This process speeds up hair growth. Not only this, but I would also suggest that one should even apply a hair mask every 10-15 days to improve your hair texture and quality. 

Also, some skincare tips for our readers from an expert like you would be great.

Your skin deserves all the utmost pampering because it deals with dust, oil, and dirt from the external environment which eventually results in clogged pores, blackheads, and acne. To deal with such conditions, I would recommend resorting to organic products since our skin already has to bear harsh conditions. Chemically laden products make it all the more worse for our skin to breathe. Practicing an enriching morning and night skincare routine is very important to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

International Women’s Day celebrates the scientific, political, economic, and social achievements of women. In your experience as a successful woman, what is its significance?

In my view, each and every woman is successful - some are successful mothers, some are exceptional wives, sisters, or daughters. Everyone is playing their role whole-heartedly. We should appreciate and respect everyone for the sacrifices and for the roles they have and are playing in everyone’s lives. There is a wonder woman in every woman!


Apeksha Sandesh congratulates Rupali Sharma for her contribution and commitment towards the field of cosmetics. We wish her good luck for the future endeavours!