Why your relationship with yourself is of utmost importance?

Why your relationship with yourself is of utmost importance?
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Have you ever asked yourself – Do I treat myself well enough? Have I ever done anything for my happiness? Am I enough for myself?

Most probably your answer will be NO!

Without even realizing, we neglect the most important person of our lives; I, ME and MYSELF.

As an individual, most of us don’t allow ourselves to accept and be the person who we truly are. We have been bounded or conditioned in a way, wherein we live by someone else’s rule and checklist to be happy in this world. In this process, we forget to make ourselves happy. But we always forget that we cannot make someone happy always. If you are not happy alone, you cannot be happy with someone else.


Good relationships are the foundation of success!!!!

What better it can be to begin this new year with your relationship with yourself.

If you do not love the way you are or do not take the responsibility of your own needs and happiness, then you cannot possibly do the same for others. The way you treat yourself, is the way you will treat others.

What it means is to become the best friend of yourself. After all, in this crowded world, you are the only person about whom you have the first-hand experience. You know yourself inside out. You are unique among all others. So, it is fair to say that your relationship with yourself is of utmost importance.

Everybody says, when you love someone unconditionally, it comes back to you. Agreed that we should love wholeheartedly, but we should never expect to get it in return. We should never rely on that belief that it is going to come back. Just rely on yourself, and you will see that it will changing you internally.

Everybody has their own idea of friendship and love, and accordingly people react and do things. That is why, it is difficult for someone to make you happy and complete. But, with nobody’s fault, you end feeling lonely and blue.


Becoming your own friend takes a lot of persistence and effort. But, when you achieve that, your life gradually becomes happier and whole. No matter how hard or amazing or confusing life gets, you will never be truly alone if you harvest a loving relationship with yourself. No matter what problem life inexplicably throws at you, you can always rely on your own support to carry you through the dark times. There is freedom in knowing that you will always have yourself.

In this journey, you either unconditionally accept the relationships that are handed to you, or you can create connections that you find mutually fulfilling.

Practicing self-love not only involves making sure your needs are met, but also means not subjecting yourself to your relationships and other commitments that disempower you. To achieve this, you will also want to embrace a strong set of values to support your relationships.

There are four set of important values and they are - Generosity, Discernment, Assertiveness and Forgiveness.

  1. Generosity

Generosity is the greatest virtue a person can embody. It is good to give freely, without any expectations, with no strings attached. You will find that by being generous, others tend to respond favorably to you.

Life is an echo. What you give, comes back to you in so many ways.

  1. Discernment

Discernment is the ability to see things for what they really are, and not for what you want them to be. It allows you to take a step back and assess whether your current relationships are resourceful to you or not.


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The people with whom you associate, have a tremendous impact on your character. Looking somewhat objectively at your life, you will get to know that which relationship is resourceful to you to achieve your goals. Whatever the case may be, you have to be discerning enough to assess your relationships.

  1. Assertiveness

It is very important to assert yourself in your relationship with others. Do not allow people to bring you down and do anything to your surroundings, without your permission.


Knowing how to say “no” in relationships is as necessary as understanding how to say “yes”!

  1. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to support your relationships and make it strong. Nobody is perfect in this world, not even you. Understanding this is a prerequisite for being able to forgive. Give people the benefit of doubt, without being gullible.

Many times, forgiving the other person is better than winning the argument. It does not mean that their errors are justified. But criticizing them for their actions won’t help you accomplish anything.

Remember, forgiving someone else is much more important for you, rather than for the other person.

Your relationship with yourself is the first and foremost important thing that you should cultivate, if you want to improve your outside relationships and achieve inner peace.

Nobody else is going to make you happy or complete you. It is an inside job that is only achieved by your personal growth and development. Give the love to yourself that you give so freely to others. The best thing about having a strong relationship with yourself is that it is a gift you will have for life, a gift that no one can ever take away from you, EVER!