When you have bad patch like that, you do start having doubts: Hesson on Kohli

When you have bad patch like that, you do start having doubts: Hesson on Kohli
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Mumbai: A prolonged bad patch can really dent someone's confidence and it is only human that Virat Kohli also desperately sought some luck which hasn't gone his way of late, said Royal Challengers Bangalore Director of Cricket Mike Hesson.

Kohli finally showed glimpses of his old self with a chiselled 73 in a successful run-chase which kept RCB in the equation for a play-off berth.

After having found 13 different ways to get dismissed, Kohli had some rub of the green going his way and it was because he never stopped working hard, opined Hesson.

"The fact that he (Virat) was working so hard in the nets and trying to find rhythm away from the playing games, away from the contest, allowed him to keep that confidence up," Hesson said at post-match post-conference.

But having been dismissed cheaply in 12 out of 13 games, it is only human to feel a bit of pressure, feels Hesson.

"But no doubt when you go through a patch like that - he is only human, you know then you do start to just having doubts and wonder when your luck is going to turn. So look, a little-bit of luck tonight but he's certainly earned it throughout this IPL," Hesson said.

While RCB are on the edge and might lose out on a top four spot if Delhi Capitals happen to beat Mumbai Indians on Saturday, Hesson was delighted with Kohli's performance.

"Look, I am absolutely delighted. Just shows like, (in) any team if you get the top-order firing and (have) a player like Virat, then it makes the rest of the chase a lot easier.

"And obviously chasing scores here has not been our forte so far in this IPL. We have been able to defend scores, but haven't been able to chase," Hesson explained why it had been a tough ride for the RCB.

"We know Virat is the chase-master and he set the tone again today. It was a crucial game for us and the big players stood up. We know when Virat is in that frame of mind, good luck (to the opposition), because he can take the game away from anyone," he added.

Before the game against Gujarat, Kohli was going through a lean phase, but Hesson said there was no set pattern for his dismissals.

"It started in Pune and then from that point on, he got run-out a couple of times. Obviously, the one that went off the hip he (Virat) pretty much found each and every way to get out. So he is right there, there certainly wasn't a pattern to those dismissals," elaborated Hesson.