Tredence Recognized in Now Tech: Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Q4 2021

Tredence Recognized in Now Tech: Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Q4 2021
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BANGALORE, India: Tredence, a leader in data science and AI engineering specialized in solving the last mile adoption in analytics, has been recognized in the Forrester Now Tech: Trade Promotion Management Report, Q4 2021. Forrester, a global leader in research and advisory, published this report as a north star for CIOs, to help them understand the value-add from service providers and find a right-fit partner based on size and functionality.

The report overviews 22 TPM providers, elaborating how trade promotion management service providers help CPGs " the best ROI in terms of revenue and market share for promotional tactics, including investments in combinations of digital tactics such as Google Ads campaigns and in-store tactics like endcaps, facings, and adjacencies..." 

Tredence's TPM services are categorized under Supply Chain and Finance closed loop segment. Forrester declared, "Supply chain and finance open loop solutions align inventory with uplift. These solutions predict volume uplift for each combination of promotional tactics. They use the volume uplift to create accurate promotion accruals in the brand or manufacturer's general ledger and to synchronize inventory and logistics capacity with the planned timing of the promotion."

"Trade promotions have remained the biggest cost center for consumer brands in the absence of baseline data and action-oriented insights. Tredence's Trade Promotion Effectiveness (TPE) accelerator offers you real-time insights into the effectiveness of trade promotions, optimizing them on the fly. With the help of real-time data and integrated computational models, CPGs can monitor, modify, and enhance the effectiveness of your promotions to maximize their impact and hence, ROI," said Sagar Balan, Chief Business Officer, CPG, Tredence.

"Most existing trade promotion optimization (TPO) processes are complicated by increased competition, fragmented consumer segments, custom agreements with various retailers, and diverse agreement structures. Our trade promotion effectiveness solution helps CPGs establish baseline metrics across SKUs/PPGs and customer levels. It concludes with reliable insights on what will work and who will benefit from those trade promotion programs," said Jason Villano, Global Head of Strategy, CPG, Tredence.

Apart from the Now Tech Report, NASSCOM recognized Tredence as the AI Game Changer in the Retail and CPG category, a victory sealed by the solution for autonomous management of ML model operations in CPG trade promotion management. The company is doubling its investments in partnerships to accelerate AI innovation for clients. Tredence recently achieved Snowflake's Elite partner status and established a strong partnership with Databricks to co-develop an On-Shelf Availability (OSA) Solution Accelerator.

To download a copy of the report, please visit Forrester