This Pune-based Engineer has Joined More Than 60 NGOs Related to Menstrual Waste Management and Other Social Causes and We. Need. MORE. Men. Like. Him!

This Pune-based Engineer has Joined More Than 60 NGOs Related to Menstrual Waste Management and Other Social Causes and We. Need. MORE. Men. Like. Him!
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In the past five years, he has conducted more than a 100 sessions to create awareness on disposal of sanitary napkins and has spoken to more than 4, 0000 women on how to manage menstrual waste. He has also conducted events in more than 20 schools about managing waste. He is a warrior and he is here to make a difference in the world.

Meet Sathya Natarajan, a Pune-based engineer who has been working with more than 60 social organizations since 1997. From education and sanitation to environment and health, he has dedicated his life to bring light to the world.

The highlight of his glorious personality is that the man isn’t shy of spreading awareness about menstrual waste disposal. Yes, in the country, where even women feel uncomfortable talking about menstrual cycle, this superman is doing everything under his power to sensitize the country about waste disposal management.

As per a menstrual report, around 120 million people women dispose off around eight sanitary pads every time they menstruate, this means that at least more than 12 billion sanitary napkins are dumped into the land. It is even more difficult for a country like India where people aren’t even aware of problems related to sanitary waste management.

Being aware of the sad situation of sanitary waste management in India, Natarajan is working hard day-and-night to make people around him understand about the harmful effects of unplanned system of waste disposal.

Natarajan feels that disposal of plastic bags is his main concern. He explained to a source that workers, who pick up the waste, are mostly women, and they have to literally open each bag to check the waste inside. These women are exposed infections and diseases caused due to handling this menstrual waste without any equipment to protect themselves. For the same reason, Sathya humbly requests people to take proper care of sanitary waste disposal.

To spread this message exclusively, he conducts workshops and sessions in schools and societies, to sensitize people about segregating their menstrual (and other) waste properly. He also organizes various campaigns for students in Pune to make the education fun.

Apart from his menstrual disposal responsibility, this incredible man is also a volunteer for a Mumbai-based organization that plants trees, a regular participant of numerous clean-up drives, educating students for free, amongst his many other social commitments.

He credits his family for his life-long love for volunteerism and social service. As a child, he often accompanied his grandfather to various social organizations. His family taught him to inculcate the value of selflessly helping others.

In his two-decade long career, Natarajan has been a core part of organizations such as Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat (Pune), Area Sabha Association of Pune, Red Dot, amongst others. He is also a finalist of national iVolunteer Awards.

His commitment to help people and environment will be for life but creating awareness about menstrual waste management is his personal commitment. As a part of his mission, Sathya also urges women to use menstrual cups, along with sticking to a planned way of menstrual waste management.

Natarajan plans to keep fighting for the welfare of workers and underprivileged section of the society for the rest of his life.