DUBAI-SHARJAH HIGHWAY, DUBAI, UAE: O.TRO.CO DMCC, a company introducing one of its late project called ‘Crazy Chickens’ which is an Exclusive Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collection of 10.000 pieces, hosted on the Solana network. Born from the craziest farms of the Solana Land which was what inspired the name Crazy Chickens and it has not yet been discovered which came first either the chicken or the egg. They are here to make a difference in the NFT world and provide it users with a smooth and save transaction platform. NFTs are unique certificates of authenticity on blockchains that are usually issued by the creators of the underlying assets. These assets can be digital or physical in nature. Fungible goods such as money or trade goods can be exchanged for goods of the same kind. By contrast, non-fungible. Items cannot be exchanged for a similar good because their value exceeds the actual material value. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are transferrable rights to digital assets, such as art, in-game items, collectables, music.

The phenomenon and its markets have grown significantly since early 2021. Within less than half a year (by May 16, 2021), hundreds of thousands of NFTs worth over $800 million were traded. Most of these referred to digital art, collectibles, music, in-game items or metaverses. Like cryptocurrency and other types of tokens, NFTs rely on blockchain technology and smart contracts as their digital infrastructure; however, they significantly differ from traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum in other respects. NFTs serve not as a currency, a commodity or a technology but as an asset.

Due to high demand, and in other to make the process easier, the company has come with their NFT drop website which is now available for all investors to purchase.

Crazy chickens Exclusive NFT collection is sponsored by their company in Dubai. This Crazy Chickens NFTs collections has been designed by a famous Italian design studio. A part of the project will be developed to WWF charity program.

Many companies are entering the sector in particular O.TRO.CO DMCC, a Dubai-based company, already established for some time in the cryptocurrency and crypto-mining sector, has taken the opportunity early by evaluating multiple projects and selecting the best ones.