Taneira Launches "Parichay: Song of the Forest" Collection

Taneira Launches "Parichay: Song of the Forest" Collection
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Exclusive collection

New Delhi, India: With conscious fashion on the uptake, Taneira presents Parichay: Song of the Forest, an exclusive collection of sarees inspired by the flora and fauna of the forests. The limited collection comprises of 50 exquisitely handcrafted sarees with specially designed blouses. The collection uses natural and sustainable fabrics birthing from the idea of circular fashion. The pieces in the collection are created with the intention of responsible use before they return safely to the biosphere.

The collection is a culmination of different crafts from across the country to design each exclusive piece from the collection. Weaving, printing, painting and embroidery are seen throughout the collection pieces in their own unique and significant ways. The beautiful ensembles feature Kashmiri embroidery with Kalamkari work, elegant Banarasis with Farad Print and graceful Chanderis with Bagh prints to name a few.

Parichay: Song of the Forest is influenced by the charm, grace, and elegance of mother nature. The collection offers a melange of dark, bright and pastel hues with eye catching and intricate pallas and borders. The opulent timepieces manifest the vast blue skies, flowing rivers, the golden sun, earth, forests and grass fields bringing alive each saree and the craft it features. Motifs like lotuses, wild Bela and juhi flowers, koniyas, fishes, jujube and Ashoka tree and Chrysanthemum florals with lilies, all adorn the collection enhancing each piece from the collection. The specially designed blouses feature natural prints, patchworks and block printing in various fabrics to compliment the sarees.

Since the collection is exclusive, it boasts of limited pieces which will travel to a different location every month. The collection is currently present at Taneira South Ex store for limited period of time, followed by Taneira Turner Road store, Mumbai and finally be present at Taneira Indiranagar store, Bangalore.

From the luxurious silks to the perfect translucence of tissues, this collection has something for everyone. Starting at a price of INR 26,000, the sarees range up till 90,000 INR. Customers can also explore this graceful collection online at www.taneira.com.