Strong Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Toxic

Strong Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Toxic
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In today's fast paced world and the internet age, we deal with a variety of relationships ranging from the friends we have on the internet to neighbors and colleagues with whom we interact on a daily basis. There are few habits which we try to adopt and apply in the relations to have a better understanding and tuning with our partners. At times, we get judged by others for our relationships, and at times, we overthink about it to have the so-called perfect tuning in front of the world.

Everyone is a different human being who works and adapts in a different lifestyle and has a different mindset. Today, we will know about what the healthy relationship habits we follow are and how they can be toxic for others.

First things first - the habits which are toxic for a set of people aren't toxic for others - it varies from individual to individual.

Let Go of Unresolved Conflicts

There are conflicts which we get resolved, while there are some which stay unresolved and take the form of an unnamed silence between two people.

It is fine if you have some unresolved conflict, but every time the fault is not of the other person only, and sometimes it is just the situation and unconscious mind which is responsible.

If one of you is complaining it is fine because you are speaking your heart out, instead of overthinking and making your anxiety levels high.

Communicating the Flaws

Communication is the key for every relationship. Communicating about the good and bad always works, as it does not lead to any bounded thoughts in your mind.

Every relationship must reach to a level of maturity which can have the reviews and work on it. Moreover, one should always respect the boundary of appreciation and criticism.

If you communicate, it will be easier to understand what is working and what is not right at the moment, and what is supposed to be changed.

Being Secretive

It is absolutely fine to keep some parts of your life private, or some incidents undisclosed because everyone needs private space.

If you try to intrude in another person's life, it will be difficult for them to survive for long but if you give freedom, then the relationship and trust grows.

Giving Free Hand

Never try to control or restrict your partner because it can worsen your relationship. Restricting can only make the other person lie to you about small incidents.

If lying comes into a relationship, gradually the whole relationship turns out to be full of lies and ends within no time.

Let the person take the decision on the basis of their own mindset and values. Don't always advice and force them on decisions you wish them to take. It is always better to have only suggestions in case someone asks you.

Not Responding to Texts

Social media, screen time and phones have become such an integral part of our lives that we, at times feel to take a break from them. It is ok if you are not getting the response from other side because maybe the other person is on social media detox or might be held up into some work.

We as humans, need various things at various times and everything isn't right and suitable for all of us. Humans are social animals with lots of relationships, and we need to respect the fact that everyone is different with various sets of choices.

Having ‘Me Time’

Everyone needs a break as everyone deserves it. Taking some time out for your ‘ME Time’ or detox helps in improving relationships as the person comes back with recharged and positive energy.

There should not be any compulsion for your partner to spend time with your friends and family because it might be possible that he or she is not so comfortable around them. Possibly, they also need some time to hang out with their friends or colleagues.

There should be an equal balance of your personal time and the time when you are together. Having more personal time can also lead to various arguments, and vice versa. A balanced relationship is the key for a happy life!