SRAM & MRAM, ATD Group and CORE Energy Group Join Forces to Install Oxygen Generator Plants Pan India

SRAM & MRAM, ATD Group and CORE Energy Group Join Forces to Install Oxygen Generator Plants Pan India
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New Delhi, India: In a bid to fight against the deteriorating COVID Pandemic, a UK-based conglomerate SRAM & MRAM, has partnered with India-based ATD Group and CORE Energy Group. The Companies have signed an MOU to setup Oxygen Generator Plants across all states of India. 

SRAM & MRAM Group along with their Indian partners is working together to procure healthcare products like Oxygen Concentrators, Oximeters, Oxygen Generators and many other health-related items on a turnkey basis to make the whole country stronger to survive in these times and to be prepared for any such situation that could occur in the future. So far, 1000 units of Oxygen Concentrators and 70000 units of Oximeters have been imported from Malaysia. Some have already reached and some are in the way.

"Recently the COVID cases took sudden hike whereas; the demand for Oxygen cylinders or other healthcare products in homes and hospitals also got increased drastically. This puts strain on the overall supply. To avoid situations like this in the future, we are constantly working towards building a strong infrastructure in the country by joining hands with organizations that can help us to make it possible," Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman, SRAM & MRAM Group commented.

Supporting Dr. Hiranandani, Ms. Vee Rao, Director Operations at MRAM & SRAM said, “Along with ATD Group, now we also have CORE Energy Group with us to provide the best help to the people of India, with more oxygen concentrators and generators across the states in the coming months.”

On this partnership, Mr. Nagesh Basarkar, CMD, CORE Energy Group, said, “Since inception, we have been providing turnkey installations of industrial products & electronic equipments from world’s renowned manufacturers. In times like these, this partnership aims at a significant achievement towards sourcing enough health equipment into the Indian Market. This would help in developing strong healthcare sector in the country and certainly we will be prepared for the near future or in other words, if the third wave of COVID-19 will hit again.”