Spotify adds audio enhancement feature for podcast creators: Details here

Spotify adds audio enhancement feature for podcast creators: Details here
Image source: Google

San Francisco: Music streaming platform Spotify has added a one-button voice isolation feature in its Anchor app for podcast creators.

With the feature called Podcast Audio Enhancement, podcast creators will be able to record in noisy environments and without expensive gear.

The feature is activated by pressing a single button in the Anchor app which will eliminate background noise, bringing the user's voice to the forefront, according to a blogpost.

Users can simply record in the Anchor mobile app and tap 'Enhance' to significantly reduce background noise for a clearer-sounding episode.

So, if a user wants to record their latest episode on a crowded convention floor or at home with barking dogs or crying babies, they can, said the blogpost.

In addition, the Anchor app allows users to toggle the feature on and off during playback to compare the results.

However, Spotify is not the only Big Tech company investing in voice isolation, as AI advances improve filtration without costly dynamic microphones, according to the report.

For example, Zoom and Google Meet offer background noise reduction tech in virtual-meeting apps.

The feature is available for creators for free around the world in the Anchor mobile app on iOS and Android.

Spotify paid over $150 million for Anchor in 2019 and has since used it to make podcast creation as simple and effortless as possible.