Spice Ditti's New "Spicetape" Ep, Hall of Flames gets ready to release world wide early 2022

Spice Ditti's New "Spicetape" Ep, Hall of Flames gets ready to release world wide early 2022

UNITED STATES: 2022, Looks set to be a busy year for Spice Ditti, as he prepares for his brand switching Debut Ep Hall of Flames. Spice Ditti is no stranger to the hip-hop music scene his former stage name was Louie Bugatti.

In 2014 Shawn Waun Ent and Spice Ditti were briefly a part of Project Pat’s Cheese and Dope Tour. In 2015 Spice Ditti won the Be100 talent competition in Memphis, Tn, and went on to be managed by Debra Antney the founder and CEO of Mizay Entertainment. After about a year of management of Spice Ditti parted ways from the Love and Hip Hop Star/Manager to pursue an independent career with the tools Debra Antney taught Spice Ditti.

In 2016 Spice Ditti met Corrie Johnson in Tupelo, Miss. after a listening session Corrie connected Spice Ditti with Anthony Barfield CEO of Velocity Music located in New York. They went on to produce great music and multiple videos. In 2019 Spice Ditti felt it was time to switch up his brand with a new wave called spice to take the music industry by storm. The Spice Music Video and Song has made an impact on the Mid-South and surrounding areas. Spice Ditti feels now is the perfect time to release this long-awaited Ep Hall of Flames.

Spice Ditti’s music can be described as heartfelt stories that keep the listeners coming back for more. Spice Ditti has been writing and producing his music since he was 12 years old. Working and writing in his studio. Spice Ditti Also is a professional photo, graphic, and videographer. Specializing in album covers. logos, billboards, mixing, and mastering he's a one-stop-shop for an up and coming artist.

Keep an ear to the ground for this Up and Coming New Artist, he is about to take the World by Spice!