Smithers of Stamford launches The Hallam Chair

Smithers of Stamford launches The Hallam Chair

STAMFORD, LINCOLNSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM: With working from home still proving a popular alternative to making that daily pilgrimage into the workplace, there’s never been a better time to make you home office an appealing space.

Tranquillity, usability and style should all come as standard when planning your office. Thankfully Smithers of Stamford have created the ultimate office chair that boasts of luxurious comfort, practicality and retro styling to die for.

The Hallam Office Chair is a simple creature, and therein lies its success. Dressed in soft brown leather that bears just the right amount of distress, comfort was clearly high on the agenda when in the design stages.

Authentic leather encases cloud worthy cushioning and results in an undeniable retro design that clearly pays homage to the seventies.

Chair arms were never part of the plan, and neither are they missed. The Hallam Chair is completed by chrome castor wheels, made all the more practical thanks to the gas adjustable lever offering the perfect seat height to one and all.

The Hallam Chair is available now and Smithers of Stamford are offering an exclusive introductory discount for those who are quick off the mark. Simply enter the code #HALLAMPR21 and receive a 10% discount off your order. This offer is limited so the advice is to order sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

The Hallam Chair can be ordered online from Smithers of Stamford and easily found in their Office Category at the top of the home page. The chairs are currently in stock and can be shipped with a next day service, but be warned, numbers are limited. Smithers of Stamford do not mass produce pieces, focusing more on quality, not quantity.

The Hallam isn’t exactly Bond villain worthy, but there’s no denying it’s an incredibly cool office chair more suited to 007 than his assassins. A powerful design in any workplace, the Hallam is far more than a brown leather office chair. Relaxed and generously proportioned, not to mention indisputably handsome, the Hallam Chair is very much the genuine article.