Simcoach Games Releases the COVID Courier Safety Awareness Game

Simcoach Games Releases the COVID Courier Safety Awareness Game
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PITTSBURGH: Extending its mission to develop and distribute “Games for Learning – Games for Life,” Simcoach Games has announced the release of the COVID Courier Game. COVID Courier is Simcoach’s first release as businesses, schools and enterprises emerge from COVID restrictions.

Play the game here; and watch a video about the game here.

COVID Courier is an auto-runner game reinforcing the importance of mask-wearing and social-distancing. Players are put in the (running) shoes of a time-traveler tasked with increasing awareness of COVID-19 safety practices via an immersive and fun learning experience. By evaluating and acting upon gamified risk-factors, such as exposure, distance, indoor / outdoor environments and proper use of masks, COVID Courier combines entertainment, learning and instruction on COVID safety protocols.

“We understand that COVID safety is serious business, and we thought an interactive video game would bring a new dimension to safety instruction,” says Brian Kaleida, Simcoach CEO. “Having practiced social distancing and mask-wearing for almost one-year, message fatigue can be a serious challenge for healthcare providers, educational institutions and business enterprises. Because COVID Courier is a fun and fast-paced learning experience, we see it as a welcome addition to safety lectures and directives.”

Players rely on their knowledge of COVID safety rules such as mask-wearing and the 6-foot rule, as well as dexterity, risk-assessment and decision-making skills, to advance through the COVID Courier game. Safety scores calculated on ability and performance lets players evaluate and improve their own COVID safety skills. “Games can be an incredible way to effectively communicate on important topics such as health and well-being. We wanted to do something to help by quickly developing free games to reinforce COVID-related messages,” adds Jessica Trybus, Simcoach's Founder.

COVID Courier complements an array of Simcoach Games that lets players learn new skills as well as assess talents and aptitudes in a personalized, immersive and engaging learning space. Through Simcoach’s inventory of games that help learners choose careers, stay safe on the job, master subjects, and remain healthy, gamified learning has made a difference with millions of global players, and improved training effectiveness with business enterprises, academic institutions and government agencies.