Sci-Fi Dramedy ‘Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine’ Makes Waves in the Film Industry

Sci-Fi Dramedy ‘Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine’ Makes Waves in the Film Industry

The short film depicts a story of family and acceptance through a creative blend of strong LGBTQ+ and sci-fi themes.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES: Award-winning screenwriters Naman Gupta and Janki Parekh are pleased to announce the release of their latest film, Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine.

The film recently opened at the Tasveer Film Festival and it’s receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. A TV series based on the short is in development. The story revolves around an MIT grad student who engineers a breakthrough invention for youth of all races struggling to express their sexual preference to their traditional parents by “Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine.”

Gupta and Parekh came up with the idea after watching a YouTube video of a same-sex couple describing their experience of coming out to their Indian parents.

“It was honest, funny, and emotional,” says Gupta of the video. “My writing partner, Janki, had shared the video with me with a note saying ‘we should do a coming-out story.’ However, I did not want to do just another coming-out story. So we sat on it, while we worked on other fun projects. Then one day, as I was scribbling a time loop scene set in a diner, it hit me. Having a passion for sci-fi and blending fiction with contemporary issues, why not tell the coming-out story in a new and fresh way... the sci-fi way. Something bold, exciting, and genre-bending. Thus, the idea of Coming Out With The Help Of A Time Machine was born.”

The script was the first-place winner in the Netflix-supported Tasveer Film Fund’s inaugural competition, and the prize was an initial seed money to help produce the short film.

From there the idea was pitched to Karan Soni (Deadpool, Miracle Workers) who excitedly jumped on board to play the lead role of Sid, the MIT grad student who comes out with the help of his time machine invention. The award-winning short script and fan favorite attracted Nav Gupta (co-executive producer on Netflix’s smash hit, Code 8, and executive producer on the upcoming Aussie-based, Streamline) and Neetu Sharma Gupta to pony up the majority of the funds. They also teamed up with James Orfanos (Upcoming TV series: A Good Cop) and Rahul Brahmbhatt to help produce, along with Legacy Pictures (Out of The Furnace) to provide production services. Dhruv Goel, a music maestro with a laundry list of notable credits, including stints at Hans Zimmer Studio, Disney and Netflix, was sought out to orchestrate the unique score for this film.

This project caught the eye of a notable festival alumni, Vijaykumar Mirchandani (c0-producer), to jump on board and help take this film through all the major festival circuits in 2022. Amassing over 100 international film festival selections and over 45 awards. His films break through the clutter of mundane storytelling and bring out interesting narrative hooks that set platform for meaningful and engaging conversations. His latest short film on Black Lives Matter, “Divide: Time To Breathe,” screened at Cannes Court Métrage in 2021.