Reimmortal's Megabell: art, technology and spirituality meet in Miami

Reimmortal's Megabell: art, technology and spirituality meet in Miami
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MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES: The Megabell Templum is Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal's new installation. It is a huge piece of art, a musical instrument, and a spiritual journey. Beautiful art, technology, and spirituality will converge in this project. It's about feeling vibrations' strength. Inspired and visionary, this will be constructed in famous locations throughout the USA. The exact sites are yet unknown. The Templum is designed by Reimmortal like a modern Stonehenge, with a large central area ringed by seven Megabells. Each one is a sculpture and a musical instrument, set to a particular frequency to stimulate a chakra. The combination of these flows creates a completely immersive "Gong bath Miami" experience. It may also be used as a music app! People may create therapeutic tunes using Megabells, record them in their own music studio, then share them with the community to listen to, vote on, and comment on. DJs and healers from all around the globe will create healing "potions" for the community. The most charitable will give them, while others will be able to sell them online.
Megabell app and Megabell social are special apps designed by Miguel Carvajal and his team for smartphones that will allow the users to customize and remotely manage the healing path with the Megabell Templum.

Marco is an artist, entrepreneur, and inventor. He established READEA to licence and sell his industrial patents. His mentors were Leonardo da Vinci, Pico della Mirandola, and Nikola Tesla.
He has his showrooms in Miami Edgewater, skirting the iconic shore of Biscayne Bay, alongside Winwood and the Design District. The showroom is open by appointment only. Miami is now the most dynamic and lively city in the US, hosting Art Basel Miami and Ultra Music Festival, the world's most significant events for contemporary art and electronic music.