Pinterest Inspires Diwali Celebrations Around the World

Pinterest Inspires Diwali Celebrations Around the World
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NEW DELHI: As Diwali approaches, millions of people around the world are getting ready to celebrate the five-day "festival of lights" with friends and family and Pinterest is helping with inspiration for food, decorations, and fashion ideas.

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine with more than 300 million monthly active users globally who use the platform to find inspiration to create a life they love. Pinterest users are planners, which is why people start searching for Diwali-related ideas as early as July. With millions of searches for Diwali and tens of thousands Diwali-related boards, Pinterest has ideas for how you can bring this celebration to life personalized for you.

Top countries searching for Diwali: From India to Canada, people all over the world are looking for fresh ideas on how to make the most of this special festival. The top ten countries that are searching and saving Diwali-related ideas on Pinterest include: India U.S.


Canada Malaysia South Africa Australia Arab Emirates Singapore Indonesia How to Plan Diwali Celebrations With Diwali parties (+161%) trending on Pinterest, people are looking for ideas on how to plan festivities. From Diwali sweets (+134%) to rangoli designs with dots (+518%), Pinterest has millions of ideas to bring Diwali to life in your home.

Diwali Dishes For Diwali, snacks and sweets are the key components to make guests happy and feel at home. With searches for Diwali recipes increasing (+77%) , people are looking for new ways to make their favourite dishes. Top trending recipes this year include: Diwali snacks +115% Chiwda Namkeen Recipe Milk Powder Barfi Shankarpali Recipe Butterscotch Peda Diwali Decor and Activities Pinterest has inspiration to give Diwali celebrations a unique flare and searches for home decorations have increased by 53% over the past year. Top ideas trending this year on Pinterest include: Border rangoli designs +84% Rangoli designs with dots +306% Corner rangoli designs +86% Diwali crafts for kids +145% Diwali diya +193% Diwali wishes +161% How to Style Diwali Festival Look From ruffle lehengas (+523%) to green saree contrast blouses (+1018%), people are turning to Pinterest for inspiration on how to style their look.

Try a pop of colour This year Pinterest has seen green and yellow stand out as the two top trending colours for what to wear to Diwali celebrations: Green saree contrast blouse +1018% Olive green lehenga +187% Lime green lehenga +216% Yellow saree contrast blouse +544% Mustard yellow lehenga +185% Go Bold with saree styles For Diwali, people are searching for different fashion styles to try: Belt saree style +747% Lace blouses for saree +376% Puff sleeve saree blouse +289% Ruffle lehenga +523% Frill lehenga +447% Make a statement Top off your look with makeup and accessories. These are the trending beauty styles and must-have accessories on Pinterest to complete your Diwali outfit: Diwali nail art +622% Gold jewellery +50% Diwali makeup +231% Gajra Bun +45% Beaded shoes +65% Ankle bracelets +76% Diwali themed searches on Pinterest Over the next few weeks, people around the world searching for Diwali-related ideas on Pinterest will see the word "Diwali" light up in different colours so that users can feel the spark while they plan, even if they're browsing Pinterest in dark mode. To see this, go directly to the search bar at the top of Pinterest home feed and type in "Diwali", or its different spelling variations including "Deepvali", "Divali" or "Dipavli". And, people can create Diwali-related greetings to send good wishes to friends and family on Pinterest.

Pinterest is also curating collections of Diwali content to make it easy to explore some of the latest Diwali inspiration. As you're searching for Diwali-related ideas, Pinterest will serve a few Pins that will take people to fresh and inspiring Diwali-related ideas. Keep an eye out for Pins that say "Get Diwali ideas", then click on the Pin, and it will take people to another page on Pinterest with only Diwali content and suggested search terms to help people plan their Diwali festivities.

Pinterest's mission is to bring everyone inspiration to create a life they love. Unlike other platforms where the focus is on others, Pinterest is where people go to focus on themselves. Today, millions of people around the world come to Pinterest each month to plan their future -- looking for ideas for what to eat for dinner, what products to buy, where to travel, how to decorate their homes and how to celebrate seasonal moments like Diwali.

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