Pineapple Launches Self-Tour Tech Stack

Pineapple Launches Self-Tour Tech Stack
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BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES: As the apartment rental market continues to adjust to Covid-19 and the Great Resignation, property managers are in search of technology to help bridge labor gaps and meet consumer demands for greater flexibility and convenience in the apartment search process. To respond to these changes, multifamily operators are turning to Pineapple, a unique technology that allows apartment shoppers to book and self-tour a community’s vacant rentals and shared amenities without the presence of an on-site leasing professional.

Pineapple is unique in the emerging market of customer-led leasing. Built on a patent-pending integrated hardware solution which works seamlessly with a community’s existing conventional locks, Pineapple reduces the cost of activating a vacant unit to a fraction of the cost per door of comparable solutions.

“Our initial goal for Pineapple revolves around creating a scaleable model that acts as an easy on-ramp for management companies that want to explore the potential of self-guided leasing but have balked at the initial wave of solutions. Most communities have some mix of conventional keys and fobs, so we started there. By eschewing smart-home technologies, we can activate a property’s full slate of vacancies at a fraction of the cost without losing functionality. It’s one install and you’re in business.”

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Pineapple is the fourth startup in the multifamily space for the company’s founder, Steve Bonaventure.