Petpooja launches a smart Waiter Calling Device to make waiters’ jobs easier and customer service more efficient

Petpooja launches a smart Waiter Calling Device to make waiters’ jobs easier and customer service more efficient

Mumbai: Dining at restaurants isn’t just about the food or the ambiance but the experience as a whole. And making this experience an enjoyable one for customers are the waiters who are on their feet the entire day rushing around the restaurant with trays of food and drinks for several customers. The average waiter walks 5-7 km within the restaurant every day, going back and forth to the kitchen and to the customers’ tables multiple times. What if this tedious, time-consuming process could be made more efficient? 

To address this issue, Petpooja, a next-generation restaurant management platform offering state-of-the-art POS (Point of Sale) software to manage restaurant billing, inventory, online orders, menu, and customers, has launched a Waiter Calling Device: a simple and cost-effective technology that reduces the waiters’ efforts and makes their job easier.

A small, wireless device placed on each customer table, Petpooja’s Waiter Calling Device allows customers to call for the waiter or request the bill or ask for water at the press of a button. Each button request has a distinctive light assigned to it, which gives the device a stylish look and also makes it easier for the staff to visually interpret the customer’s request. Once the customer places the request, a notification alert is generated on Petpooja’s POS as well as the waiter’s app (Captain App). This notification informs the waiters about the needs of the particular table, enabling them to complete multiple tasks efficiently rather than making numerous trips to the customers’ tables just to know their requests. Petpooja has also introduced a TV-based app that can display which table requires service on a TV screen, allowing any waiter who is available to serve that table.

Having manufactured and deployed more than 1500 devices to date, Petpooja is on its way to ramp up production and plans to deploy a minimum of 2000 devices a month going forward. The platform has partnered with a reputed manufacturer for the same. Priced at INR 750 each, the devices are affordable and have already been deployed at famous restaurants like Yum Yum Cha, Bercos, Indian Summer, and are in the pilot phase at Hocco and The Beer Café.

Speaking on the latest development, Shaival Desai, VP, Growth, Petpooja said, “Waiters, especially those at large, busy restaurants, are often exhausted by the day-end from running around the restaurant to cater to customer tables. Also, the customers have to wait for a longer time, especially during the rush hours at the restaurant. As the pandemic is declining, restaurants are bustling with crowds as customers want to have a seamless dine-in experience. Our new Waiter Calling Device will ensure enhanced efficiency in serving the customers since it instantly notifies the waiters about the customer’s request, and makes the customer service process smoother. WCD helps in streamlining the time-consuming and arduous process of wait-keeping at restaurants. The devices are small and stylish and have already been deployed at several restaurants. WCD has garnered a positive response, both from the restaurateurs and their customers. It makes customer service quicker and is proving to be a game-changer for restaurants. We are ramping up the manufacturing and deployment of the devices to enable more restaurants to upgrade their operations.”