Patna-bound flight, with 139 on board, makes emergency landing at Nagpur

Patna-bound flight, with 139 on board, makes emergency landing at Nagpur
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Nagpur: A Patna-bound Go First flight from Bengaluru with 139 passengers on board made an emergency landing at Nagpur airport on Saturday due to a glitch in one of the engines of the aircraft, an official said.

The flight landed safely at the airport at 11.15 am, the official said.

"The pilot of the Go First flight contacted Nagpur ATC to inform that one of the engines of the plane is facing a problem, and made a request for emergency landing at Nagpur airport," director of the airport, Abid Ruhi, told PTI.

There were 139 passengers on board apart from the crew members, he said.

"We made all requisite arrangements by declaring it as full-scale emergency, which includes making available runways, fire tenders, doctors, ambulances and requires coordination with the police. Fortunately, the flight made a safe landing," Ruhi said.

A statement issued by Go First (erstwhile GoAir) said that the flight G8 873 from Bengaluru to Patna was diverted to Nagpur due to a "faulty engine warning in the cockpit, which necessitated the captain to shut down the engine as a precautionary measure".

"Thereafter, the captain followed the standard operating procedures and landed safely at Nagpur airport. All the passengers have been deplaned and served refreshments. Go First has taken utmost care and rendered all the requisite assistance to the passengers," it said.

Alternative aircraft has been arranged to accommodate the passengers and it will depart for Patna at 4.45 pm. The affected aircraft is being inspected by the engineering team, the airline said.