Odisha's SDG performance increased by 10 points: Govt

Odisha's SDG performance increased by 10 points: Govt
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Bhubaneswar: Odisha's performance in achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) has increased by 10 score points in the year 2020, an official statement said.

This was stated by Chief Secretary S C Mohapatra after a consultation meeting between the state government and NITI Aayog Advisory Team on SDG

The statement said that the presentation of SDG India Index Dashboard by Advisor Sanyukta Samaddar showed that Odisha's SDG performance score increased to 61 in the year 2020 from 51 in 2019.

The state ranked Number-1 in SDG-13 relating to action on combating climate change and its impacts. The state also ranked No-1 in SDG-14 relating to conservation and sustainability of the use of ocean, sea and marine resources.

Odisha also was ranked a frontrunner in the achievement of nine number of SDG goals and an aspiring state in the achievement of six number of SDG goals.

The state did well in pursuing Goal-6 relating to clean water and sanitation, Goal-9 relating to investment promotion, innovation and industrial infrastructure, Goal-11 relating to making human settlements inclusive, safe and resilient, and, Goal-15 relating to protection, restoration and promotion of the sustainability of terrestrial ecosystems.

Considering the data presented in the meeting by NITI Aayog Team, the chief secretary emphasised capturing of the ground-level outcomes of all developmental interventions.

Development Commissioner P K Jena said that Odisha's performance in a number of areas was "not properly reflected" in the SDG Report of 2020.

The chief secretary emphasised that the outcomes of the state schemes like 'MAMATA', Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana, universal health assurance, rural housing, urban housing, state food security scheme, state's performance grading index (PGI) score in education, etc, should also be taken into account while assessing the SDG performance of the state.

The state officials claimed in the meeting that had the outcomes of both state and Central schemes been taken into consideration properly, then Odisha's score in Goal-1 would have raised to 50 instead of 41.

Similarly, in Goal-2 and Goal-9 score of the state would have raised to 56 and 48 respectively instead of the presently counted score of 45 and 46 in the report.

Jena appraised that a separate PMU would be set up in Planning and Convergence department for planning, monitoring and coordination of the work plan for achievement of SDG goals in a time-bound manner.

Mahapatra directed to form seven Thematic Groups under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretaries and Principal Secretaries to spearhead the SDG vision and bring synergy in the implementation of the work plan.