New York Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Teaches ‘Resilience’ Despite the Storm

New York Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Teaches ‘Resilience’ Despite the Storm

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES: According to the New York Times, 1 in 4 Americans say they do not have a clear purpose in life, but one seasoned visionary has the answer to sweeping away the cobwebs to create a clear roadmap for future success. Meet Dr. Hari J. Drayton, an in-demand speaker, real estate specialist, and security expert. Drayton, a world-renowned voice for criminal justice reform, is educating audiences all over the globe on the systemic issues that are crippling nations.

As a well-informed advocate for social justice, Drayton is often called to consult on projects to rebuild societal infrastructure that will bring balance, understanding, and healing to our cities. In a time of crisis and chaos, Drayton is a clear voice of reason, preparation, and planning. The California University of Pennsylvania graduate is a sought-after security specialist for top firms like Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and the Bill Clinton Global Initiative. As a professor at Monroe College, Dr. Drayton is touching young lives every day. He takes that same zeal for influencing college kids to his sold-out audiences.

His energetic presence fills packed venues, as he enriches the lives of attendees with the wisdom he gained from over 30 years in law enforcement, in the city that never sleeps. Colleagues in the industry testify his talks are “highly interactive and a pleasure to attend,” adding “his abilities and performance have surpassed some of his contemporaries.” Students and compatriots alike well receive his speeches. The noted speaker and champion for restorative justice is a voice for this age, stirring up the winds of change in individual lives and society.

In his Amazon best selling anthology, “I Am Resilient: Top Strategies to Being a Resilient Man in America,” Dr. Drayton spells out how to bounce back and thrive despite the circumstances. As a motivational speaker and ordained preacher, he feels the pain of his listeners and speaks from the heart to reach their specific needs. Drayton is not a cookie cutter speaker — instead, this one-of-a-kind, New York original, is a dynamic force taking this God-given platform to reach ears in government, the private sector, and beyond.

The educator and real estate specialist uses his gift for gab to teach social issues and financial wholeness through real estate investment. As the owner of Epiphany Realty, the multi-talented business owner helps families find their forever homes in Atlanta and the Big Apple.
Dr. Drayton wears many hats, but none is more important to him than that of motivational speaker. He feels called to inform and encourage others to reach their full potential in life. Whether mentoring college-bound youth, walking the passageways of City Hall, or restructuring the public school-to-prison pipeline, Dr. Drayton is transforming lives through his revolutionary leadership style.