My lifelong dream to do dance-based film: Mouni Roy

My lifelong dream to do dance-based film: Mouni Roy
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New Delhi: Mouni Roy, who is looking forward to the release of "Made in China", hopes she gets to do a dance-based film soon.

The actor, known for her dancing skills, wants to star in an "Indian Broadway"-like project.

"It has been my lifelong dream to do a dance-based film, especially like an Indian Broadway," she told PTI in an interview here.

In the film, Roy stars as Rukmini, the feisty wife to Rajkummar Rao's aspirational businessman Raghu, who wants to prove himself and finds the idea to sell a magic soup that would improve sex life of the common man.

The 34-year-old actor said her character is the "driving force" of Raghu's motivations.

"She's feisty, independent and has her own mind. But one thing she would never compromise on is her family. She's a woman you'll find in Delhi and Bombay. It was a slightly challenging role for me to play."

Talking about the subject of the film, Roy said "Made in China" was one of the "quirkiest but nicest" scripts she read in a while.

"It's normal for couples to discuss their sex life. But I feel it (the talk about sex) doesn't happen a lot of a middle class household. People will find it difficult to even discuss these things.

"It was important for the writers and director to mention that in the film. That's so magical about the script. It is a very normal topic, but somehow we are still fighting the taboo," she said.

Roy would also want to venture into the digital space as she believes streaming platforms have opened up an entire new avenue for actors.

"It's an exciting time for actors. There is so much scope and space to dabble in so many subjects. I'd love to work in the web, most definitely," she said.

Also featuring Boman Irani, Paresh Rawal and Gajraj Rao, "Made in China" hits the screens on Friday.