'Me The People' Wins Mass Impact Award At Boston Film Festival 2020

'Me The People' Wins Mass Impact Award At Boston Film Festival 2020
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Me The People is a feature documentary de-constructing the rise of divisive politics in western countries in the context of the USA Election

BOSTON & ALEXANDRIA, Va. & MONTREAL: 'Me The People' is a feature-length documentary exploring how to wedge politics is giving rise to a new kind of populist leader. They are disruptors with a new playbook. They are loved by some, challenged by others, dividing the electorate. But are they also expressing the will of the people?

"We are thrilled the Boston Film Festival has chosen to award us their Mass Impact Award following the recent 36th edition festival screening. Though the rise of populism and wedge politics is a global phenomenon, it has come to a head during in unprecedented ways, during this election season in the of USA. Our film will continue now to Alexandria Film Festival, just 10 minutes from the White House, as of Nov 14," says Dan Shannon, the film's producer/co-director.

"When a politician is able to combine nativism and populism, it creates a very, very volatile mix that can be tapped into with incredible emotion…What we are seeing now is a rise in populism due to changing economy, but blamed on changing demographics," shares Ali Noriani of the National Migration Forum and author of "There Goes The Neighborhood" in the film.

"This documentary shows what happens when debate shuts down between the Left and the Right political spectrum. It also highlights the kind of rhetoric and so-called nationalistic policies populist leaders use to pit one segment of the population against the other in order to win votes," says Isabelle Depelteau, the film's co-director.

The film was produced by Québec-based ID Vision Films II with the financial participation of YESTV Canada, Canada Media Fund, Québec Film Tax Credits, Canada Tax Credits.

The film will be available for online screening to ticket holders for a short time at Alexandria Film Festival as of Nov 14, 2020, afterward, the film will be released on all major platforms in the new year.