Martin Luther King Jr's biography 'The Seminaria' to get TV series adaptation

Martin Luther King Jr's biography 'The Seminaria' to get TV series adaptation
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Los Angeles: Author Patrick Parr's "The Seminarian: Martin Luther King Jr. Comes of Age" is getting a TV series adaptation with Lawrence LAW Watford's Divine Write Pictures buying the film, television and digital rights to the book.

According to Deadline, Watford aims to adapt the book for TV via his Tyler Street Films partnership with Jack Manning III and Tiffany Elle Burgess.

Parr's book, published in 2018, explores Martin Luther King Jr's. life as a student at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania and his romance with a white woman, Betty Moitz, who was the daughter of the school dietitian.

I'm always attracted to stories that have incongruence as a central theme, so when I first read about Dr. King's relationship with Betty Moitz in the press, I was intrigued as I imagine most people probably were," Watford said.

The director-writer said with focus on King's personal life people will get to know their hero as a normal human being.

We're always aware of the ways in which our heroes have impacted us during our formative years, but it's rare that we get an authentic glimpse into the events and people who shaped them into these legendary people we celebrate today.

We also never get an opportunity to envision them, truly and fully as human beings. So the goal is to introduce us to the variety of people that influenced MLK's life during that time," he said.