Marry me, Stranger

Marry me, Stranger
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Rating: 4.4/5

Author: Novoneel Chakraborty

Publisher: Random House India

Publication date: 15 November 2014

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

ISBN-10: 9788184005967

ISBN-13: 978-8184005967

ASIN: 8184005962

Cost: Rs. 84.96 (Kindle edition)

Format: Paperback

Pages: 288 pages


’Marry Me, Stranger ’ is a work of fiction which presents an engaging combination of suspense, tragedy and flawless narration. It tells a gripping story of an independent girl and her problems. The fast paced description along with strong characters makes this book a riveting read.

Rivanah Bannerjee is just another independent young woman who like other career centric women has a happening life. Her parents love her a lot and are open and liberal. Her boyfriend is full of love and admires her beauty. Plus, she is intelligent and has a promising career. Everything looks set for a 'happy life’ until the entry of a 'stranger’ in her life. This stranger is following her quietly and knows a lot of about her. He does not have a face or a voice but has an invitation which could destroy Rivanah’s happy life. Rivanah initially thought that the stranger might be secret admirer or an obsessed lover but very soon she realizes that this stranger is more than that. Can Rivanah curtail the advances of this stranger? Can police catch this intruder? Or is the stranger a result of her unforgettable past life? Set in the tinsel town of Mumbai, the novel is a gripping tale of revelations, dark past deeds and the undying attitude of not letting go.


This book is a the first part of the 'Stranger’ trilogy which includes other titles - All Yours, Stranger and Forget Me Not, Stranger.

The story is of an independent Bong girl, Rivanah Bannerjee who lives alone in Mumbai. She leads a pretty perfect life, until the character of ‘Stranger’ enters the story, takes interest in her life. The characters in this story and the timings of their entry are effectively placed. We are introduced to ‘Stranger’ through his acts and the way the author describes. He helps Rivannah, makes her life good by making her do amazing things which she doesn’t want to do. But when she wants to know his identity he threatens her. Still, they share some special bond.

The curiosity about stranger is very well maintained till the end of the book. All the suspense that unfolds in a dramatic manner and a constant fear of who the stranger is - will excite the readers to the core!

Now, the stalking part with keeping the issues in the contemporary world in mind, one may feel the concept to be creepy, one may fantasise, others may disagree: but that is the thing. It makes you feel different emotions and it also raises questions about how worthy or worthlessly is one leading his/her life. Just like the stranger told Rivanah “Know your worth, Mini”,  you may find questioning yourself for everything that has happened in your life- the good and the bad phases of life.

On a wider perspective, this novel is a take on young India’s independent women and their struggles to ensure safety and trouble free life.

About the Author:

Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of fourteen bestselling thriller novels and one short story collection titled Cheaters. His novel, ‘Forget Me Not, Stranger’ debuted as the No. 1 bestseller across India. His novel ‘Black Suits You’ was in top five thrillers category on ‘Amazon’ for fifteen weeks. While his Forever series was in the bestseller list for ten weeks straight after its release with ‘Forever Is a Lie’ featuring in the highest selling books on Flipkart for 2017. ‘Forever Is True’ made it to Amazon's Memorable Books of 2017 and Times of India's Most Stunning Books of 2017.

Known for his twists, dark plots and strong female protagonists, Novoneel Chakraborty is also called the Sidney Sheldon of India by his readers. His immensely popular thriller series, The Stranger Trilogy, has been translated into six Indian languages and has been adapted into a popular web series, titled Hello Mini, on MX Player produced by Applause Entertainment and Rose Movies. His erotic thriller novel, Black Suits You, has been adapted into the blockbuster hit Bekaaboo, while his exclusive digital novella, Red Suits You, is also being adapted into a web series by Alt Balaji. His short story collection, Cheaters, is now available in Hindi as well. Apart from novels, Novoneel has written and developed several TV and web shows for premiere channels and platforms.