Maha: Tulja Bhavani temple in Osmanabad to be revamped

Maha: Tulja Bhavani temple in Osmanabad to be revamped
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Aurangabad: The premises of the famous Tulja Bhavani temple in Maharashtra's Osmanabad district will be revamped and the sanctum will be inlayed with gold and silver, a district official said.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, district collector Sachin Ombase said a detailed project report for revamping the temple will be made in the next three months.

A meeting of stakeholders took place in Tuljapur, during which discussions were held about various issues pertaining to the temple, he said.

"The sanctum of Tulja Bhavani temple is inlayed with silver. But we plan to use both gold and silver. The administration appeals to people to donate for the work and a bank account will be created to accept contributions," the official said.

Discussions were also held about revamping the existing amenities in the temple from the point of view of religious tourism, he said, adding that the work will be carried out by taking into consideration disaster management principles to prevent overcrowding.