LifeCell Diagnostics Introduces The ‘NovaSeq 6000’ - The World’s Most Advanced High-Throughput DNA Sequencer

LifeCell Diagnostics Introduces The ‘NovaSeq 6000’ -  The World’s Most Advanced High-Throughput DNA Sequencer
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New Delhi: LifeCell, India’s next-generation comprehensive healthcare and diagnostics solutions provider, has recently announced the addition of the ‘NovaSeq 6000’ sequencing system to their diagnostic technology platform. This development makes it one of the very few entities in India to have such exceptional capability which will enable more efficient and cost-effective genome sequencing.

Following the successful implementation of Illumina’s NovaSeq 6000 system, LifeCell will be able to leverage its technical expertise to improve scalability, support a varied range of applications, and simplify the workflow. Thus, this will provide high throughput speed and flexibility to carry out studies or testing which require processing a large amount of data- but in a faster and more economical way. 

Mr. Ishaan Khanna, CEO and Executive Director, LifeCell International Private Ltd. said, “The addition of world’s most advanced sequencing system will equip us to offer the most comprehensive suite of genetic testing services that find significant applications in whole-genome sequencing, transcriptome, metabolomics as well as viral, bacterial, and agri-genomic studies. Utilizing this high-throughput genomics solution, we will be able to steer massive data projects which not only hold clinical importance but also can make an impact on a national level.”

Dr. Sarah Bailur, Consultant Pediatrician, Clinical Geneticist & Advisor, LifeCell Diagnostics said, “The inclusion of this world-class next-generation sequencing technology, NovaSeq, is an incredible milestone for LifeCell as well as the medical community. It will massively upgrade the sequencing throughput, and enable precise and quick results for whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing. This will translate into rapid diagnosis and timely patient care."

Dr. Divya Agarwal, Medical Geneticist, Apollo Hospital & Advisor, LifeCell Diagnostics said, "The application of high-throughput sequencing is critical in high-quality data generation and rapid turnaround time. With this significant addition by LifeCell, I am confident that it will expedite the development of new sequencing panels across multispeciality segments including oncology. No doubt that the insights from NovaSeq will produce transformative results, ensuring rapid diagnosis and effective risk-reduction approaches for patients." 

NovaSeq 6000 will also help LifeCell to revolutionize the healthcare sector by enabling the generation of high-throughput, high-quality sequencing data in a short turnaround time; providing rapid diagnosis of sick newborns admitted in intensive care units; offering rapid and reliable diagnostic services to expectant mothers who have a history of genetic abnormalities; upskilling to sequence viral and bacterial genomes for efficient patient management and conduct large-scale genomics projects with large volumes at an unprecedented depth and coverage of the genome.