LANDED 21:12 Book Launched in Pune, Must Read for Young Adults and Parents

LANDED 21:12 Book Launched in Pune, Must Read for Young Adults and Parents
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Pune, India: ‘LANDED 21:12’, a new generation book written by promising new author Karishma Krishna Kumar, was launched today at a Curtain raiser media conference. The book is available on Amazon in India and across the world in the US, Europe, Canada, and several other countries.

LANDED 21:12 is Karishma Krishna Kumar’s maiden novel. This book is about five youngsters who come from across the world to a college in Pune to pursue their college education. It describes the trials and tribulations they face and how they and their parents deal with the same. The story is based in Pune and articulates in detail the mental health challenges that young adults face during their most formative years, and how circumstances and choices made lead to tragic situations and outcomes.

LANDED 21:12 is a must read for not only young adults and teenagers, but also for parents, teachers, and the educational ecosystem. The book has already received appreciation from mainstream press abroad and celebrities.

Suicide, addiction, mental breakdown, betrayal, alongside friendship, honour, trust, and the forming of unbreakable bonds form the core of the book. It describes the emotions, journeys and experiences of these youngsters through college as they grow, mature, and develop in ways they didn’t expect, and discover that life was not always what they had hoped for, or planned.

The story revolves around 5 lead characters and their parents; and is about their relationships; their desire to grow fast into adulthood; the peer pressure to keep up with the rest. Their parents too, go through unimaginable stress, and it appears that both the students and their parents are running a race in different tracks. It highlights the fact that mental illness goes unnoticed by most people, who have no educated ways of dealing with the youngsters.

The book doesn’t propose solutions but opens the reader’s mind to the severe stress and trauma that creeps into the lives of youngsters, and how everyone has a role to play in mitigating this.