Jodii, a matrimony app in Marathi, launched to help millions of common people find their life partner

Jodii, a matrimony app in Marathi, launched to help millions of common people find their life partner
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Mumbai:, India’s leading online matrimony company, today announced the launch of Jodii – an exclusive vernacular matchmaking app for the masses. The service is available in Marathi, and 9 other languages including Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil & Telugu.

The company rolled out the new service based on its successful history of helping lakhs of Indians find a life partner over the past 22 years, and its understanding that a large section of the population is looking for a matchmaking service in their mother tongue. The service is available on the Android app.

Indian language internet users account for nearly 75% of the country's user base. 90% of internet users in India prefer to consume content in their local language. Marathi is spoken by over 83 million speakers, of which 51M are internet language users. The penetration of mobile internet, coupled with falling handset prices have aided the growth of first-time mobile internet users from the smaller towns across the state. Pandemic further created the urgency for a lot of these users to start adopting digital services at a never imagined pace.

While online matchmaking has seen increased adoption, it’s not to the extent witnessed in other digital services. This is due to issues with current matchmaking services in the market, like availability only in English language, complexity of product and expensive paid plans, leading to lower number of suitable profiles for these users.

On top of that, these users face their own set of challenges when it comes to matchmaking that includes a handful of bride/ groom choices limited to their circle of relatives and friends and lack of other trusted sources to find matches. Jodii which is a made-for-India app attempts to solve these challenges.

Mr Arjun Bhatia, Sr Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer –, says “In an increasingly digital world, Jodii is a simple technology solution that breaks the barrier for every common India to find a life partner of their dreams. Jodii offers choice, convenience and safety to find a match. We’re also empowering women to make decisions that can positively impact their life.”