Innovative Digital Artist and Author Arthur Palyan Levels Up the CryptoArt Industry

Innovative Digital Artist and Author Arthur Palyan Levels Up the CryptoArt Industry
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VALENCIA, CA, UNITED STATES: In a time where a cat meme can sell for $600,000 many are wondering what is crypto art and how can I get in on the craze. Meet Arthur Palyan owner of Billionaire NFTs. The self-made digital Rockstar is a 21st century visionary with his finger on the pulse of the cryptoart community. This talented creative is taking the industry by storm with the release of his multi-faceted collection. From rising seahorses to cloud riding skydivers, Palyan is forging a new lane for digital art. The one-of-a-kind artist draws inspiration from everyday items as well as his rich imagination. His eclectic work captures the viewer's eye with lighthearted pieces like a singing panda or smiling bear, but his warmth is shown in the depiction of everyday people.

His thought-provoking work is displayed on the OpenSea platform which is the “world’s first and largest NFT marketplace.” Palyan’s Billionaire NFTs brand is breaking ground in the cryptoart ecosystem by offering new and exciting works that speak to the heart. The depth of Palyan’s caring is seen in his depiction of a father bonding with his infant son and the glow of joy of the newly engaged bride-to-be.

His attention to detail is seen in every masterful stroke. From the use of geometric shapes, shadows, and light and the look of a wisp of a brush on a canvas, Palyan pulls you into every piece.

His indie-style artistic expressions are hitting the mainstream with a growing online following. Fans of his rare digital artwork rave “Amazing concept” and “now this is cool” His sought-after art is often sold out due to the high demand. The inventive and tech-savvy artist not only creates his work, but he actively buys and sells rares.

Palyan does not believe in hoarding it all to himself, instead, he often gives away valuable NFT to help novices enter the marketplace. It is estimated that he gives nearly 80 percent of his work to burgeoning collectors.

The talented Palyan puts his creative hands to work as a prolific writer and author of The Blockchain Book. This engaging e-book shares his expertise and insights into the NFT, blockchain world. The how-to guide sold on Amazon helps the beginner learn how to cash in on the digital art revolution.