Indian Singles sent 177 Interests every minute and 1+ Billion interests in total: BharatMatrimony 2021 Report

Indian Singles sent 177 Interests every minute and 1+ Billion interests in total: BharatMatrimony 2021 Report
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Mumbai: Leading online matrimony service, BharatMatrimony, released its annual Online Matrimony Trends Report 2021. As Covid eased a bit in 2021 and with singles being able to go to office and step out of home for entertainment, dining and shopping, online matrimony saw some interesting moments. More than 4 Million members, who joined BharatMatrimony in 2021, expressed their interest 1+ Billion times, to profiles they liked, during the year. It was clear that Covid did not stop ready-to-marry singles from pursuing their conversations in search of a life partner. 

In a pointer to the seriousness of singles looking to marry, an amazing 2 lakh messages were sent by members every day to the prospects. On an average, men see about 184 women profiles per month, while women see 158 profiles of men. Pointing to the fact that trust plays a key role while shortlisting profiles, women profiles that were verified with a Govt. ID (like a passport, Aadhar card etc) saw significantly higher interest at 37% from men, than non Govt. ID-verified profiles. Men who had a profile with a Govt. verified ID, got 34% more response.

The BharatMatrimony report revealed that singles are increasingly taking the decision to search for a life partner on their own, with more than 70% of the nearly 4 Million singles self-registering. Top cities in terms of registration by singles were Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune. In terms of Indians overseas, the top countries by registrations were US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia and Singapore.

Users were most active from 4 to 7 pm every day and location did not seem to be very important as 76% of men and 80% of women were perfectly fine with finding a life partner settled in any location within India or overseas.

More than 30% spike in women making the first move

In the past few years, women have been increasingly taking the marriage decision into their hands as can be seen from the fact that the active expression of interest to male members saw more than 30% jump over pre-covid phase.

During the year, women engagement on the BharatMatrimony app jumped by 60%.

Interest in NRI matches

While 15% of women were fine with NRI matches, only 5% men were interested in an NRI partner.

In terms of education, the top degrees listed by both men and women were B Tech, BE, MBA, Bachelors in Arts, Science and Commerce.

Unveiling the insights for the year, Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder and CEO, said, “2021 turned out to be another year of good growth. As the pandemic challenge eased a bit, singles and families responded positively with renewed interest in looking for a life partner and moving the conversations forward. Increasingly, singles want to be in control of the choices they make in life, especially when it comes to important decisions like finding a life partner. The high self-registrations at 70% and the 30% plus the spike in “women making the first move” speak volumes about the same.”