Iconic Accessories Label "Gentle No More" Triggers Fashion Frenzy with Launch of Eternity Mini

Iconic Accessories Label "Gentle No More" Triggers Fashion Frenzy with Launch of Eternity Mini
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Inspired by "Make Love, Not War," the Eternity Collection breathes life into bullet-shaped necklaces to symbolize life can be more powerful than gunpowder.

SINGAPORE: Gentle No More, the socially conscious brand well known for its bold and poetic jewelry collections that reveal a story behind each design, unveils its most cultured necklace to date: The Eternity Mini.

In the Eternity series, each bullet necklace contains a natural flower that has undergone a frosting process to retain its natural and exquisite form. Two tiny holes along the top groove line provide airflow, allowing the flower to react accordingly to the atmosphere. It will bloom in a dry and cold environment and close when it is moist and warm.

Every Eternity Mini necklace is meticulously handcrafted, encased with a frozen flower on a bed of Swarovski crystals to represent an everlasting love that will never wither.

Eternity Mini necklaces are constructed with the following primary materials.
● 316L Stainless Steel
● Swarovski Crystals
● Engineered Glass
● Frozen Flowers from Japan

Eternity's ammunition-shaped showstoppers have become fashion's eternal flame. No matter the variation, pieces reserve a flirtatious swing that animates any outfit. It's wildly creative firearm jewelry that takes direct aim at gun violence.

With the launch of the brand's Eternity Mini necklace, flowers encased in metal uplift spirits through show-stopping symbols of budding optimism. No outfit is ever complete without the most sublime accessories. To say that necklaces bask within a sartorial spotlight is an understatement. We often think of jewelry as an investment that should remain utterly trend-proof, and as customers look to dress up again and have fun with fashion, we see a reflection of this joyful mood in their jewelry.

As the world celebrates being free to socialize, drama and decadence are this season's dynamic. Gentle No More celebrates this, and there is a captivating charm to be found in the simplest of styles.

Gentle No More is an independent Singapore accessory label that has gained interest globally for its trend-bending idea of having a flower that blooms within a piece of jewelry in the shape of a bullet. Known initially as Gentle Mayhem, the label emerged in 2014 as a personal hobby—inspired by the statement "Make Love, Not War" when the topic of gun violence terrorized the minds of many. Their living bullet concept has reinvigorated the market and breathed new life into traditionally dull and static jewelry collections. Social entrepreneurs at heart, it remains a brand driven by emotional value and storytelling.

The Eternity Collection, which contained the firearm fashion of bullet-shaped pendants, became the brand's initial design. Primarily designing jewelry for family and friends, extensive Instagram attention produced mass interest in the necklace, which led to expanding a hobby into an official business to reach people's hearts worldwide.