Ian Khan & Futuracy Films presents New Documentary, GX Now, Reveals Future Ready Government Service Models

Ian Khan & Futuracy Films presents New Documentary, GX Now, Reveals Future Ready Government Service Models
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TORONTO: GX Now, a new documentary film, presented by Futurist Ian Khan, on how governments globally are changing service delivery models and adapting to technology, while creating a better citizen experience, is releasing worldwide on Jan 21, 2021.

Today as the pandemic rages across the globe, effective government services can form the critical link between service providers, including healthcare, and citizens to create a more efficiency in services, including COVID19 vaccine delivery management as a critical need.

GX Now covers the evolution of public services, and tracks the governments of UAE, Estonia, Netherlands and, Azerbaijan in to find answers on why Experiences may be the key to unlocking the value behind government-citizen engagements.

“Today governments services are rapidly changing & it becomes necessary to document this and help other governments across the world learn from what early adopters are doing,” said Ian Khan.

GX Now participants include

- Mohamed Bin Taliah, Chief of Government Services, UAE Government

- Alain Bejjani, Chief Executive Officer, Majid Al Futtaim, UAE

- Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Former CIO, City of Palo Alto, Founder-Human Future, USA

- Ott Vatter – Formr MD eResidency Estonia (currently MD eProspera)

- Jeyhun Salmanov - Deputy Chairman, State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan

“Today, there is an urgent need to deliver integrated, experiential service journeys that converge around life moments by breaking down siloes and increasing collaboration and data sharing across the government. As a government, we want to create a lasting impact on how public services will evolve and get delivered in the near future not only within our borders but also in the broader context of all innovative governments across the world,” said Mohamed Bin Taliah.

“The emergence of smart cities is creating abundant opportunity for delivering personalized, on-time, universal services, including improved healthcare experiences, to more people,” said Dr. Jonathan Reichental

"Today, data technologies are evolving more rapidly than ever before, and they are considered extremely valuable for the improvement of government services. Governments should collect, analyze, and implement data wisely in order to become more competitive and resilient," Said Jeyhun Salmanov.

GX Now is available on Amazon Prime Video.