I have 'blocked' numbers of those in establishment: Ex-Pak PM Imran Khan

I have 'blocked' numbers of those in establishment: Ex-Pak PM Imran Khan
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Islamabad: Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan has claimed that the establishment is calling him but he has blocked their numbers and will not speak to anyone until a date for the general election is announced, contending that dropping an atom bomb on the country would be better than having "criminals" at the helm of the government.

Khan, who was voted out of power last month through a no-confidence motion, becoming the first Pakistan prime minister to be ousted unceremoniously by Parliament, urged people to prepare for the historic march' to the federal capital and said that many options (would be) open when people come on streets.

Messages are coming from the establishment, but I will not talk to anyone unless the date of the next general election is announced," Dawn newspaper quoted Khan as telling reporters on Friday.

Khan said that he has "blocked their numbers".

Khan has repeatedly said that the US conspired with the then Opposition leaders to topple his government.

He asked people who supported the "conspiracy" whether they were not worried about Pakistan's future, Geo news channel reported.

"It would have been better to drop an atom bomb on Pakistan than to have these criminals in power," he said.