Hungama launches Veggie Veg, an exciting game that is a foodie’s digital delight

Hungama launches Veggie Veg, an exciting game that is a foodie’s digital delight
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India: You may not want to play this game on an empty stomach! Hungama, India’s leading digital entertainment company, today launched Veggie Veg – an exciting new food themed game that centres around celebrating vegetarianism. The game is based on a restaurant in Allahabad, known for its spectacular vegetarian spread and comes with a fair warning that it can be highly addictive and a tummy rumbler! Adding more food for thought around Veggie Veg is the fact that it is the very-first restaurant in the world to have created a video game themed on it as it celebrates its opening. The game is much akin to a restaurant in real life – offering multiple cuisines, in its bid to keep it interesting for the gamer. Cooking simulators and cooking based themes have always been a big genre to attract gamers and Hungama hopes to rope in those players.

Food themed games and cooking games have always been a highly attractive and enjoyable gaming theme and have thrived with new offerings every time that keeps the players hooked. The game provides an exuberance that is much sought after by gamers with its simple controls. Brought together by an engaging storyline and an easy-to-use interface, this game provides an entertaining time to players, from any age group, looking for both shorter or longer sessions. The game has 24 levels and is not short of excitement with multiple level and multiple cuisines – just like in a real time restaurant. The game, that is set to delight foodies who look to play something on-the-go, sees the central hero, a veggie veg collect ingredients and prepare a dish to level up. However, there is a trade off! And that is, that the cooking needs to be done without any kitchen utensils – cutting board, wok or any other utensil.

Veggie Veg plays on the player’s interest levels with various kinds of mouth-watering delicacies, keeping it close to authentic with chef details and more culinary aspects of the game, recipes, food choices and creativity. The game is available on Hungama Gameszone  an HTML5 based gaming portal that offers easy and free to play games across various categories like sports, arcade, action, adventure, strategy and puzzle.

Talking about the game, Siddhartha Roy, COO, Hungama Digital Media said, “We witness a digital generation with a voracious appetite for gaming and who are born and raised in the middle of a gaming consumerist society. Today, they are the largest cohort in the marketplace who attach a significant value to lifelong experiences and gaming is one such experience. We understand that they are not just playing games on sophisticated consoles, but are actively engaged on smartphones, tablets and other digital devices too. That means we as a digital entertainment player, have to work extra harder to create all kinds of content, be it short or long format and keep them virally engaged to suffice that media hungry appetite. We are excited and looking forward to see how they receive Veggie Veg, as it is not just a culinary simulated game but also works on the premise that pushes the vegetarian and healthy eating agenda.”

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