Gujarat: Four elephants found abandoned in Banaskantha

Gujarat: Four elephants found abandoned in Banaskantha
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Ahmedabad: Four female elephants were found abandoned outside a village in Dantiwada tehsil of Banskantha district of Gujarat on Tuesday morning.

Local forest officials took their custody and arranged water and fodder for them, said Range Forest Officer, Dantiwada range, S L Parmar.

Residents of Saatsan village spotted the four elephants, tied with rocks, around 9:30 am and informed the forest department, he said.

"It seems someone brought them here during the night.

Villagers did not report noticing any suspicious movement during the night," he said.

"All four elephants are healthy. We have arranged water, fodder and green leaves for them," he added.

Gujarat does not have any natural habitats or reserves for elephants. The majority of elephants in the state are owned by temples or religious leaders.

Elephants are hired during marriages and publicity events, but there was no such event in the area, Parmar noted.

"We are trying to find out how these elephants reached this remote area and who is their owner. The animals will be transferred to a rescue centre if needed," he added.